SwapSteem SWEET'Drop - Tips to Maximize your SWEET Token Rewards!

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Hello Steemians,

If you are not aware already, @swapsteem has decided to airdrop a total of 2.1 Million SWEET Tokens to the steem community in return of support to the project in various ways. Please check out the post linked below to know more about the SwapSteem platform and the ongoing airdrop.

Steem users can participate in the Airdrop in multiple ways and claim their airdrop tokens in their wallet for performing some actions to help swapsteem as mentioned below

Tips to Maximize the Rewards

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Upvote Rewards

Users who upvote posts made by @swapsteem account including this one will be rewarded with SWEET amount equal to 10x of the upvote value in STU. So, if a user upvote generates 1 STU on our post he will get 10 SWEET after the post rewards are paid out and claimed. For the votes less than 0.100 STU, users will get a minimum of 10x 0.100 SWEET as the reward.

Tip :
You can earn more SWEET by setting auto upvotes on posts created by @swapsteem using https://steemvoter.com. Please follow the steps below to set auto Upvotes on our posts and resteems.
Step 1 : Visit https://beta.steemvoter.com

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Step 2 : BuildTeam provides a secured authentication with multiple options as shown in the image below. You can sign in to steemvoter using any of them including Steem keychain, so far the most trustable solutions for managing steem auth keys.

Screenshot from 20190410 091618.png

Step 3 : After successful sign in, you will be redirected to the steemvoter dashboard where you can set up and customize auto upvotes for your favorite accounts.

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Step 4 : To enable auto upvotes, Create a new stream via in the streams section.

Screenshot from 20190410 092353.png

Step 5 : As shown in the above screenshot you can set auto upvotes for posts, resteems and comments made by any account and also follow their curation trail. Fill the form displayed to customize your upvote value, We recommend you to set it higher to get more airdrop tokens. Dont forget to keep the Target Account as swapsteem. Once done, You can click on Save button to start the stream.
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And that's it. This will automatically set auto upvotes for you dont have to come and check again and again!

Please let us know in the comments once followed to get some SWEET Surprize!!

Resteem Rewards

Users who resteem posts made by @swapsteem including this one to their followers will be rewarded with 0.001 SWEET per follower. So, for example, a user resteems this post to his 1000 followers, he will claim a reward of 1 SWEET after the post has been paid out, which will be sent to him in the next distribution round.

Tip : You will be rewarded 1 SWEET as participation bonus for Following our Account. By following our account you will not miss any update about swapsteem to share with your friends! You can follow our account @swapsteem on https://steemit.com/@swapsteem or any other steem front end like https://busy.org or https://steempeak.com
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Create a review Post or Video about Swapsteem

People need to know what swapsteem is, what features we provide, security mechanisms and advantages over other exchanges. This can't be done without the community writing about the project and sharing with others. Users who write a review post of Swapsteem with #swapsteem will be rewarded with an amount up to 100 SWEET according to the quality of the post and curation done by steemians.

Tip : To maximize your rewards, you can test the P2P feature on our demo for amounts upto 20 steem/SBD per trade with your trusted friends and create a review post or video about the process. A nice and creative post or video with clear explanation of the process with screenshots may get you good rewards and curation from the community. Please don't forget to add #swapsteem as the main tag to easily discovered by us and the community.

Refer your Friends and Followers

Referrals are a great way to promote an application while rewarding users for sharing the word with others. You can refer your followers to use swapsteem and you will be rewarded with 10 SWEET tokens if the referred person logs into swapsteem with your referral link. The referred person also receives 10 SWEET. You can refer your followers only by creating a comment on their post with comment body as written below.

Hey! Please checkout @swapsteem, A secure peer to peer exchange built on steem. Use my referral link to earn some free SWEETs! [https://swapsteem.com/?ref=YOURUSERNAME](https://swapsteem.com/?ref=YOURUSERNAME)

Tip : To accumulate more referral rewards, Add the above link to all your social networking posts on Twitter,facebook, Instagram, Reddit etc. and spread it via comments on your friends posts.

Note : Referral rewards on steem will only be released if the referred person already follows you. Please don't spam on posts created by people who do not follow you or have already been referred.

Join us on our Discord Channel

Discord is a great place for communities to hang out. To build an organic community of traders on steem, we are inviting steem users to join our Discord. Users who join our Discord and link their steem account with discord account will get a random reward between 0.5 to 5 SWEET as soon as they link their steem account name. To claim the reward, users need to join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/prVyhgp and claim their tokens in #sweet-drop channel simply by sending a message with command !claim STEEMUSERNAME

Tip : : You can get rewarded by the Discord admins and members with tips and airdrops using the Discord Tip bot in our Discord server.
The DiscordTip Bot supports multiple Cryptocurrencies including STEEM, SBD, BTC, ETH, ERC20 tokens etc.
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Screenshot from 20190410 101805.png

Screenshot from 20190410 101839.png

We are working on our own open source bot that will enable tipping and giveaways with SWEET and other Steem Engine based coins .

Delegate to Swapsteem

Swapsteem is an open source project, recognized and supported by @utopian-io. Please consider delegating to @swapsteem to help us with the Development and maintenance of the application.As of new rules, Delegators will be rewarded SWEET tokens equal to the 10x of Daily STEEM generated from the delegation. So, if a user's delegation adds 1 STEEM worth to our vote value will be rewarded with 10 SWEET daily. The delegation will be used to upvote the Development and other contributions towards @swapsteem.

*Tip : We request you to Delegate as much spare SP you have to @swapsteem. Higher delegations will help us encourage more people to join the Swapsteem promotion campaign and help us incentivize users for their contribution via upvotes. Also, Delegating more than 1000 SP will get you 2x SWEET rewards while Delegating more than 10,000 SP will give you 10x rewards than the above mentioned rate.

Supporting our Fundition Campaign

Fundition is a decentralized crowdfunding platform on steem that helps steemians raise funds for different causes for the community. We have created our Fundition campaign to fund the Development of this platform. We will be giving some rare perks to the supporters and backers of our Fundition campaign along with 10x SWEET for every 1 STEEM funded in our campaign. Check out our Crowdfunding Proposal to find more about the campaign and the perks offered.

Airdrop Schedule

The Airdrop has started on Friday, April 5th 12 AM UTC and run until all the 2.1 Million tokens are distributed.


There is a cap of 500 SWEET per day as rewards, which means an account cannot get more than 500 SWEET airdropped in a day. Due to huge participation, we are facing delays in distribution of rewards. If you have participated in the airdrop, please be patient while your rewards are being calculated and sent. Please contact us on our Discord
if you haven't received the rewards in a week of participation.

Where To find the claimed SWEET and Trade them

You can view your tokens in the steem-keychain browser extension built by @yabapmatt @stoodkev and team. If haven't already installed it go ahead and download it from respective add on stores on Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera Browsers.

You can trade the SWEET claimed during the airdrop for STEEM, BTC, LTC, DOGE, etc on https://steem-engine.com as soon as they are issued to your account. You can also buy and HODL SWEET to enjoy HODLer perks like discounted fees up to 100% and ability to register as an escrow agent and earn fees by moderating trades on our platform.
You can also check the current market price and volume of the SWEET Token on the Market page at https://steem-engine.com.

We too will have a Dex integrated at our Beta to enable trading of most of the Steem-Engine tokens as more exchanges emerge on top of Steem-Engine and coingecko API starts supporting Steem-Engine token prices.

Important Links

Witness Campaign

Please vote for our Advisors and Steem Witnesses @firepower and @bobinson who have been constantly guiding us to build a secure and reliable exchange to bring masses to the Steem blockchain!

Follow, Resteem and Upvote this post to maximize your SWEET tokens!


I look forward to using your great service whenever I need to trade some coins. Thanks for your great airdrops! Upvoted, followed and resteemed to show my support for your great project.

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Thank you for the kind support!

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Yes, I am a @swapsteem follower.

Looking forward to more progress reports on this project!

Have a great week!
Steem on,

Thank you @etcmike for your kind support!

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Hi - do you have to autovote by the service above, or does the same deal apply if you follow on steemauto?

Also, roughly how often do you airdrop tokens for delegation?



Hello, any autovote service will do as the rewards are calculated based on upvotes on our posts regardless of the service used.
Delegation rewards are paid out weekly.

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🔄 Im glad to be a swapsteem @swapsteem follower And I all ready have 101 Swapsteem saved up in my Steem-Engine wallet from doing a post about this awesome project here : https://steemit.com/swapsteem/@karenmckersie/swapsteem-how-sweet-it-is
As soon as I find the time I will try once again to sign up for steemvoter had issues before but I like that you added the step by process! I all ready have the Keychain and a Steem-Engine wallet , and I am looking forward to using your Swapsteem "secure and reliable exchange" that will bring a lot of people to the Steem Blockchain Keep up the great work!!🔄👍🙋💪❤🔄
Following you, Upped and resteemed for now, will be doing another post soon!


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Thank you for information

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