Silly situations in Sweden

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In Norway we make jokes about the Swedes (and in Sweden they make jokes about Norwegians).

Actually there is no need to make up jokes about the Swedes ... it's just to go there, observe and laugh.

There are quite some restrictions in Sweden. Perhaps less restrictions than in Norway, perhaps not ... at least, a bit different restrictions ... like restrictions on the sales of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, ammunition, eggs ...

Some empty shopping shelves and two posters
fullsize - localtime: 2021-05-26 10:37:57 - geo:57.6558609008333,11.8764810561111 - OpenStreetMaps, GPS Alt: 50.90 GPS Time: 8.63250

I'm no expert on Swedish, but it seems to me that they are out of eggs because someone has been buying them all and been using them as ammunition, so now they have introduced an 18 year age limit on buying eggs ... effective from whenever they get the next delivery of eggs.

Next, some covid madness:

One chair is attached to one table
fullsize - localtime: 2021-05-26 11:35:14 - geo:57.6464538572222,11.9529399869444 - OpenStreetMaps, GPS Alt: 0.00 GPS Time: 9.58722

The poster is urging people to "eat alone", and for every table there is one chair attached to the table to prevent people from moving them around. You can probably guess the consequence ... around me I could observe two (presumably) married couples occupying four tables, two friends occuping two more tables. The poor mother with her (maybe) three years old child couldn't quite leave the child at a separate table, so the child got the chair and she was standing by the table.

The last one is a repost from previous week:

... a restaurant boat with the name "floating Saigon" is indeed sinking

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Somebody is having a lot of fun with egg-munition😂