SwiftCash Proposal Voting Tab Proposal.

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So a little back story on me but first am 15 years old. ok so.

Hi guys some of you may one me who knows well i first found smartcrash when bitcoiner was shilling it in the Nexus slack which some of you may know slack chat always more active then discord so they legit had like a 24/7 trade talk channel. Anyway i join Smartcrash the near the end of the first month of release.

So anyways so The proposal is to add the proposal tab i made. It is solution so you can vote by clicking the proposal and then click yes no or abstein then it will vote without you ever needing to open the debug console. This is great as i know a lot of people in crypto who are not wanting to use the console as it looks confusing the list goes on for reasons but the point is, that making it easier for you average person will increase the amount of people who will vote because it is just two clicks rather then confusing commands. And also if you double click a proposal it will open your browser and send you to the page with the proposal so you will never need to search for the proposal.

This is pretty much what I will be adding this is just an example.

With it there is no excuse for someone not to vote.
Oh course it will look like the Swiftcash wallet this is just an example
So i guess people are supposed to leave feed but idk. But anyways after the proposal is done I'll will add it to Swiftcash
This will make the Swift voting system a lot more usable

A Question from bowienetter⚡

Hi @Mrmetech aka Kolby , thanks for your proposal. 1. How many hours of coding do you estimate will take? 2.How do you plan to do the testing/QA? we don't have a testnet 3. Is the code for the desktop wallet only, or can it be reused eventually in a website for voting? (by signing a msg, etc).

here is what i answered with on the discord.

I already did most of the work already
It took over 60 hours
I learned a lot
Its already tested :)
And all it takes to vote is legit two clicks which is nice
It was a funny story really
Most of the time am not sure what am getting myself into
So i said i would do it just because then they offered to pay me. Little did i relies how hard it would be xD
But hard as in before now i can code anything for qt.
Which is pretty cool

I talked more on the discord about it but am not sure it is that relevant.

So for the proposal budget / cost am not sure what to call it.

I will began work on it after i get the funds if it is accepted in 21 days. You can Ask Decentralizd he has known me for over a year and gave me my first every development work over a year ago. or you can ask members of the Phore team am sure you will find a great response on me there.

From being paid the work should be finished in a week and be ready to be used in Swiftcash.

If you double click a line the proposal post will show up in your browser.

Voting is as easy as clicking the proposal and vote.

Thank you and have a great day.
It will be 40 000 Swift which is fair for this kind of work.

Swift is around the same price as smartcash but this isn't wagered to usd.

This budget should allow me to lets say am done the work for it. If there is a issue with the tab i will have time to fix it.


Very interesting proposal! I voted YES! good luck