SwiftRewards: Tier 2, Round 3

in #swiftcash3 years ago

If you still do not know anything about SwiftRewards, click HERE!

Third snapshot of SwiftRewards for tier 2, started at block 395,640 and ended at block 525,600. The ROI based on price action is appx. 1.86% for eligible addresses. To be eligible for SwiftRewards, you must have at least 1,000 SWIFT in your address and transact during the snapshot, without spending anything! This can happen automatically if your address stakes or has an active SwiftNode collateral. Alternatively, you can add to your balance by buying some, or send some of your balance back to yourself, as long as the transaction fee does not exceed 0.005 SWIFT!

As explained in the whitepaper, SwiftRewards is a mechanism to stablize the price by airdropping holders in bear markets. Although the airdrop does not fully compensate the loss in one's portfolio, it can still act as a powerful incentive to encourage us to HODL, especially during bear markets. Also, it's noteworthy to mention that not everyone can possibly swing trade in bear markets, and due to our ever-decreasing inflation, our price should eventually recover anyway! Given the math in our whitepaper and the fact that the price of SwiftCash has declined appx. 55.8% in the past 3 months, holders are going to receive appx. 3% of our theoretical block rewards during that period, which as explained above is appx. 1.86% ROI for eligible addresses.

Total Amount: appx. 822,495 SWIFT
Eligible balances: appx. 44,274,111 SWIFT