SWIFTDEMAND free basic income paid daily

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Swift DeMand is a worldwide basic income for anyone who seeks to apply for it. You can earn 100 tokens per day by claiming through this link and in some time in the near future tokens will be transferable to cash. I guess they will launch the project somtime this year or next - at the moment I just focus on accumulation of tokens.

If you want to buy some I will sell 10000 for $100 USD as I understand you may want to speculate and hold a decent amount of the token before launch.

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Use this link
to register for free tokens daily.You need to check into the site to claim your tokens.

I reckon it will make a lot of difference to people on low income in the future.

Swift Demand is a basic income project to help everyone in the world earn a little money even if they are poor or not.

I will swap the swift demand tokens for equivilent in Steem if you wish. I Have more than 10000 to sell if you want more.

Feel free to send me any questions you have, I will try to answer.
All the best -David