Synereo announces Qrator!!!

in #synereo4 years ago

It seems the Synereo team is moving closer to realizing their vision.

What will this mean for @steemit ?

Qrator allows users to monetize original content, get rewarded for sharing quality with others as well as discover the best content on the web.

How it works

Qrator’s closest touch-point to the existing Internet is a browser extension that follows you throughout your exploits on different Content Hubs, allowing you to Amplify content you appreciate (or simply think is going to generate a lot of attention) using AMPs – Synereo’s cryptocurrency.

Your friends and followers, clicking on the link, will be directed to this content embedded in the Qrator site and presented with the option to Amplify and share it as well. If they choose to do so, a share of the AMPs invested by them will be credited to you and to the Curator you discovered the content through, while a significant part will be handed to the original content creator. The more AMPs you invest in the content, and the more views you generate through the link yourself, the higher will be your reward from future Amplifications.

This way, content creators can derive income from their work, while curators are incentivized to find promising content and distribute it to audiences interested in it.