The Three Tantras

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The Three Tantras

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to discuss the three tantras or three magics that we know today.

They are Black Magic, Grey Magic, and White Magic. Black magic is to black tantra. Grey magic is to grey tantra. White magic is to white tantra.

Black Magic, or black tantra, teaches one to perform copulation in order to spill the seed through orgasm. Black magic itself is carnal knowledge. To spill the seed means to eat the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and Impurity. Another word for spilling the divine seed through orgasm is fornication.

To fornicate does show in the dictionary to have sexual intercourse between two people who are not married; however in secret, to fornicate is to spill the seed through the orgasm. I will emphasize a lot throughout my posts that whoever recommends fornication is a Black Magician. Black Magic is responsible for all the suffering in this world. Fornication will also put the consciousness into eternal sleep. With black tantra, one awakens negatively. To awaken negatively is to awaken the kundabuffer organ. Whosoever awakens negatively becomes a demon...

Gray Magic, or gray tantra, teaches that one should spill the seed occasionally. Whenever one recommends fornication occasionally is still classified as a sorcerer. It is fornication that gives birth to sexual desire. As a result, Grey Tantra will inevitably lead one to black tantra.

White Magic, or white tantra, teaches you only three factors: to deny yourself, take up the cross, and follow Christ. To deny yourself is to deny yourself of all psychological aggregates that cause problems around the world. To deny yourself is also to psychologically die. It is urgent to (psychologically) die from moment to moment in order to live. He must live to die, yet he must die in order to live. To take up the cross is to practice the sexual alchemy between man and wife. Male and female create the holy cross; the male is the vertical line, and the female is the horizontal line. Sexual alchemy itself is immaculate knowledge. The clue to immaculate knowledge is the following: “Insert the virile member into the vagina, and withdraw it without fornicating.” Both man and woman must practice immaculate knowledge daily in order to awaken the Kundalini. To follow Christ is to sacrifice for others. The sacrifice is the altruistic service unto humanity. The sacrifice for others is to renounce one's self-interest for the benefit of others. The sacrifice unto others is the duty of a king or queen of nature. The key of white tantra is to be born, to die, and to sacrifice the self for others. That is all...