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RE: A deeper look at starseeds

in #tarotlast year

Ciao dear @miqlos - it really good to read your experience here, thank you sincerely for sharing it... I had a very lucid experience also, when I was young - perhaps around 7 or 8 - and was on the magical mountainside in my Scottish island home; I was shocked and threatened by a family member and spontaneously left my body completely, travelled across either dimensions and/ or space-time to some extremely 'far-away' place, and was immediately crystal clear that this was my home and my real family. I expressed my relief most passionately to them - seemed more psychically than outloud... and was reminded that I had volunteered in some way to be there at this very specific place, time, happening (my lifetime unfolding). This has been confirmed - the rightness of my belonging here, despite how wrong everything felt until recently: my ability to communicate with home and across dimensions is becoming less effortful and less polemical, over time - and it feels like we are all drawing home in, as it were - perhaps we are not here to go back home, but to draw home down to this dimension, reconnect the dimensions or even connect the dimensions anew.... Very power-full times either which way! Many good wishes to you, and to @tarotbyfergus !