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Razali Noodle was established in 1967, one of the Rzali noodle stalls being one of the many favorite culinary tourism destinations in Aceh. Tourists visiting Aceh will feel the difference in taste with the noodles from the Laing region, but it doesn't feel like when you visit Aceh, don't stop by this one Mie Razali warung. Many officials also took the time to visit by enjoying a delicious dish of razali noodles aka Aceh noodles.


Razali Noodles have a number of dishes that make the tongue tremble and the dish one of the most favored by wisaatawan is Wet Fried Noodles, in one portion that is served has a taste variant in accordance with the wishes of visitors you can order fillings like:
Crab noodles
squid and


Restaurant Information

Mie Razali
2b, Jalan Soekarno - Hatta No.2A, Lam Ara, Banda Raya, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23231, Indonesia

Mie Bang Razali
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