TastyTreat, A Choice of Cake Bakery in Our City

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Dear My steemit friends, After long time I have come back in my steemit world. Today I will introduce a high quality bakery in my residential area which is so much famous for bakery cake.


as a food chemist, I always search quality food in my area. you know some business man adulterate our food. In this regarding, peoples of my colony started a quality bakery food shop.


there are so many items in this bakery shop. Such as cake, cup cake, different pastry items, Biscuits, bread and so many others items in this baker shop.


They provide home delivery and ordered item to the customers. They supply birthday cake, anniversary cake, farewell cake and so many items.


Me and my son like this bakery products. Yesterday I took two pastry for my two kids. The price is not so high. I bought two pastry for 1.5 dollar.


I invite you to this shop to take all delicious cakes item especially my foreign steemit friends.


The shop Name: TastyTreat

Restaurant Information

Sector 14, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh

TastyTreat, A Choice of Cake Bakery in Our City
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