A delicious Buffet Lunch with my Colleagues .

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Hi friend, Today I will share my amusing delicious Buffet Lunch experience with you. My Boss, honourable director Mr Nawser Ally sir gave this buffet party.


there were 60+ item in this restaurant. The name of restaurants is Hotel 71. it's a three stars restaurant in the capital city Dhaka. the arraarrangements of this restaurant is so nice. I am pleased to see this restaurant staffs and arrangements.


Everyone was pleased to take lunch items. There are five types of rice, plane rice, plane pollow, fried rice and chicken birbiryani.



Fried chicken, fried fish, fried Thai vegetables and buffalo chicken wings are most delicious.


there are some items whichever I don know that item. I took a different item and my colleague inform me that it is Japanese shoshi food.


So many sauce are available in that buffet. I took only two sauce items.


testy dessert are available in the food table. I took only two items of them.


this buffet price is only 10 USD / head. if you want to take this opportunity. please come in Dhaka and go the below information of this restaurant.

thanks for stopping by..

All photographs are shoot by my Galaxy S6 mobile phone

Restaurant Information

Hotel 71
Bijoy Nagar Water Tank, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

A delicious Buffet Lunch with my Colleagues .
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