A Highway Coffee of Winter Picnic

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Dear my steemit friends, Today I will introduce a highway restaurant in Dhaka-sylhat road.


Last week I went to Srimongol for our official picnic. As per picnic travel plan, our bus stopped this restaurant.


we were near about 200 participants in picnic and few of them took a special coffee from the coffee shop in this restaurant.


I also took a coffee from that coffee corner. That was so fantastic. and very hot yammy coffee.

This coffee iis reasonable and price is 0.5 dollar per cup.

I invite to my all steemit friends to take this coffee.

thanks for stopping by.

All photos are taken by my Galaxy S6 mobile phone

Restaurant Information

Highway International Limited
Madhabpur, Bangladesh

A Highway Coffee of Winter Picnic
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nice and perfect photos

Thanks brother

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