Drink beer and experience with friends - great choice

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Hello everyone!
After a long time stop activity on steemit, in recent days I have returned to write. And this time I came back to the contest of tasteem.io. This is really a great contest.

Back to the taste of the beer competition, I brought you an article about a small brewery where I was studying.
As known, Vietnam is one of the countries with annual consumption of beer in the world's top. And beer culture in our country is also extremely diverse and rich. On a sunny afternoon after the storm, I went to a small brewery of a friend. If you are a beer lover, you should really go to this place. That is the restaurant "TIEP BEO".


Address and space of the restaurant:
Located on a large road leading to the commercial center "Binh An", this place is really an ideal restaurant for guests who want to enjoy the strange bustle in Vietnam. The restaurant is very easy to find. With relatively airy space, you can enjoy cool beer mugs along with the food side of his friends.


On hot days and the footballing atmosphere of our country, the places to gather with friends are the best places . Football love, as well as beer culture, make the beer brewing business very crowded at this time. The atmosphere is vibrant, vibrant with the cheering to create a unique character for this place.And I'm part of that. I came here to enjoy the beer and the match of the football team Vietnam.

The atmosphere is crowded when the match takes place.

Menu and price:
You do not have to worry about the price here. For me to say it is actually relatively cheap. You can enjoy beer for $ 1/1 beer and $ 1.5 for a cold beer.
The food here is also relatively rich and really very palatable.The menu is extremely rich and affordable. Every dish costs between $ 2 and $ 5 per dish. I called myself a "Rau xao", " Long xao dua" and a "Banh da". You can see them on the menu that I captured below.

My little review of the restaurant:

-Really great food.
-The atmosphere is quite noisy and vibrant. It is suitable for a group dining rather than for the individual who enjoys quiet.
-The price of the food is quite good.
This place does not have a real place to keep the car. Therefore, when crowded, it is difficult to get into the restaurant. Rating on a scale of 8/10.
See you at the earliest!

39509372_305896756627205_264510775014457344_n (1).jpg

Restaurant Information

Nhà hàng Tiếp Béo
phố Nỉ, Trung Giã, Sóc Sơn, Hanoi, Vietnam

Drink beer and experience with friends - great choice
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Thanks for your sharing.

cảm ơn bạn.mong bạn có thời gian tham gia cuộc thi

that so good

enjoy🍜 your time🍲 with🍺 your friends😍

thank you ^^


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How about order time? I'm worry that I have to wait long time for dishes...

oh.you will only take a few minutes to enjoy it

I don't like to drink beer but like fun in the place like that.thanks for share

haha thank u <3

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