Healthy Cakes with my friend in SeamReap

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Hi, everybody today I wanna show you about my favorite dessert on my trip two months ago. I went to VIBE cafe in SeamReap Cambodia. I has advice to my friend to go there because I went to there before, I never like to eat cake but this cafe I can’t say no whit it.


We took taxi from hotel to go there about 5 minutes and then we arrive walked inside cafe look at menu so exited to look at refrigerators because have many choices to order


While waiting to see the text that wrote on the wall The message is “Every time you eat at VIBE, your money goes to support The Good Vibe Foundation. Their project aims to feed healthy meals to school children in Cambodia.”


Finally I get this chocolate cake and my friend strawberry cake, we walk above to wait for a cake. Our cake came to me. Look at it. It's very tasty. The cake of this cafe is not mixed with sugar. Ingredients are made from various seeds, mixed together, the taste is so fragrant, the mouth is not too sweet.


We sat down to eat until full. Get time to check the bill The price of each piece of cake is different to my friend and 4 USD per piece.


That’s all about my memory with my friend and favorite desert, we so happy about this cafe you must to go there when you travel to Cambodia. Thank you.

Restaurant Information

VIBE Cafe SeamReap Cambodia
715 Street 14 Mondul 1 Village សៀមរាប, Krong Siem Reap 17252, Cambodia

Healthy Cakes with my friend in SeamReap
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