Finger Licking meal! Udon of CHIKARA

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Hi! Steemit friends! Today, I will introduce you a restaurant called CHIKARA, which was founded in June 1935. This is a thick Japanese noodle chain restaurant. Now, there are 31 CHIKARA restaurants in Hiroshima city. You can order Japanese sweets as well becides Udon. The above is a picture of Macha Kinakomochi, which are rice cakes covered with sweetened soybean flour and macha. There is a hint of bitterness in the sweetness. WOW, How Yummy!!

I ordered Tamagoudon. Ingredients are egg and green onions. I think The Tamagoudon is the most delicious menu of CHIKARA because this dish really brings out the full flavor of the soup. I have ever copied taste of this soap many times, but I couldn’t. Nobody could copy it. This soap is awesome!

insert Img

Today, I was starving. I ordered rice balls as well. it contains Tarako. High quality seaweed goes well with plump Tarako. It smells nice and makes me more hungry.

insert Img

This is the inside of a rice ball.

insert Img

Here are Japanese sweets I ordered today. The
black one is called Ankoro-mochi, which is a rice cake covered with sweet bean paste. Another is An-iri-kinako, which is a sweet bean paste covered with rice cake and sweetened soybean flour. It’s really nice, isn’t it?

insert Img

insert Img

insert Img

They are offering take-out service. You can see the window next to the door. Though the window, you can order. Various kinds of specialties are on display.

insert Img

Look at this menu! CHIKARA is a noodle chain restaurant, but they offer Ramen as well. It is also very delicious. When you want to have Udon and your friend wants to have Ramen, CHIKARA can satisfy both of you.

insert Img

insert Img

insert Img

When you see this sign, let’s go to CHIKARA!!


insert Img

Thank you for watching my post through to the end.

Restaurant Information

Yagi, Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture 731-0101, Japan

Finger Licking meal! Udon of CHIKARA
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Wow!!! I wanna eat everything!!!!

mouth-watering Japanese cuisine!

Oishii! Cant w8 to try the matcha kinakomochi . Followed! Love your foodie posts!

Thank you🌹