Rice Caffe

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This is the Rice Caffe, it was a recommendation from a friend who's a bit of a coffee expert. Not that I am, I just rely on expert recommendation. From the outside it looks normal, you wouldn't think or expect much of it.

As I walked closer, I start to see a bit of its eclectic theme. The two boards outside talks about their coffee beans and a bit about their caffe and services.


The ecelectic theme continues inside the caffe. First behind the counter where there are different kinds of mugs and drippers all lined up on the shelf. Some people may think a cafe looks really messy if they don't use uniform mugs to serve their drinks. I think using different ones add a lot of character to the place.

There are two sections in Rice Caffe. The outer area is larger and has the counter along one side and a few bar seats. There's a few tables on the other side by the window.

The inner part is what I call the eclectic section. There's sofa and a few armchairs at the back which were occuppied, I didn't take any photos of the people. The rest of this section was filled with lots of books and bric and brac around. You can see some of it on the floor.

And finally, a coffee break post wouldn't be a coffee break without a cup of coffee. What I can say? It was a nice coffee break.

Restaurant Information

Rice Caffee
No. 11, Jingming 2nd Street, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407

Rice Caffe
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