The best kaya toast for breakfast

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Food courts are a great place to get the best food in Singapore. One morning, the wife fancied a kaya toast for breakfast. It's her favourite and she always has it when we visit Singapore. For those who don't know what kaya is, it's a jam made of coconut milk, sugar and egg and is popular around south east asian countries. I googled and found a place nearby. When we got there, it was closed. Not a good start to the day. There was a food court nearby called Malay Market so we walked over instead.


The food court is quite large. It has two levels, this is the upper level and this area is about 1/6 of the total floor area. There were loads of stalls, surely one of them must do kaya toast.

We walked around looking at each of the stalls. Most sold traditional Malay food (yeah, this is the Malay Market after all!) which looked delicious. I'd definitely dive into any one of these stalls for dinner any day. But for breakfast, it was a bit too heavy for me. Not that it stopped any of the locals, who were obviously used to a heavy meal for breakfast.




Just as we about to give up hope of finding a stall that serves kaya toast, my wife suddenly saw a stall snucked up at the end of the massive food court. Hainan Kaya Toast. Found you at last!!!!


Like all the other stalls, it was compact, and everything was made inside by the two gentlemen. One of them was at the back making the toast and the other one was responsible for the drinks, tea, coffee etc. There was also juices and a steamer cabinet full of buns. Everything here was very affordable at around S$1 per item, that's around USD0.72.



We each ordered a portion of butter and kaya toast and a hot tea. The tea is quite strong and they use condensed milk. That's the standard. Or you can have it black, with sugar, with evaporated milk, or with condensed and evaporated milk if you so wish. The mug on the right is before I stirred it, you can see the layer of condensed milk sitting at the bottom, and how strong the tea is.

Now for the butter and kaya toast. Look away now if you're on a diet. When they do buttered toast, they don't just spread it on the toast. You get a slice of butter, a bit like a slice of cheese. The kaya is spread on the toast. It looks evil, right? But it was damn good. That was a very satisfying breakfast especially the original place was closed.

Restaurant Information

Haina Kaya Toast
1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001

The best kaya toast for breakfast
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