Panda Restora: Tiny & Funny

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When we want to date with our special one, I want a place that will be very smart decorated and not so crowded. With romantic atmosphere by special decorating and lighting, a place may get very romantic flavours that helps us to to pass special times with spouse or GF.

I am explaining you about a restaurant that is very tiny, but very much romantic environment is provided. It is named by Panda.

The restaurant is decorated with different arts, quotations and cartoons on the wall of the restaurant.



Food is not main thing there. The most priority they emphasize that is the atmosphere. It smells something like very heart touching and light weight. That's why you will never feel any pressure that is very much important at the time to date.


There are a number of common foods, that have average quality. People come here not to taste the food only, but also to taste the decoration and calmness.


Thought the restaurant is tiny, but it also funny.


Restaurant Information

Panda Restora
Chawk Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Panda Restora: Tiny & Funny
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Well arranged place inside the restaurant. Nice.