Table of contents for the inquiry into the Tavistock=nefarious theories

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I. Introduction and advice for reading
0.Table of contents

  1. Books
    1.1 Books about and by Tavistock people
    1.2 Issues of Campaigner (LaRouche) and other Tavistock=nefarious books
    1.3 Other books and articles relevant and made relevant by LaRouche authors
  2. Names of Tavistock people
  3. (Alleged) Ideas by Tavistock people relevant to this topic
    3.1 alleged ideas
    3.2 actual ideas
  4. LaRouche texts investigated
    4.1 Steinberg I, 1996
    4.1.1 Kenneth E. Boulding
    4.1.2 Alvin Toffler
    4.1.3 Future Shock by Alvin Toffler
    4.1.4 Newt Gingrich
    4.1.5 Anticipatory Democracy A/D
    4.1.6 William Sargant
    4.2 Steinberg II, 2002
    4.2.1 false alleged members of Frankfurt School
    4.2.2 Nevitt Sanford
    4.2.3 forty thousand drug addicts quote
    4.2.4 More Tavistock names by Steinberg brought into connection with Cybernetics
    4.3 Alan Gregg, man for Rockefeller grants and his diaries
    4.4 Henry Dicks
    4.4.1 Dicks on German and Russian National Character
    4.4.2 Minnicino, 1974 on Dicks
    4.4.3 Herman, Ellen. The Romance of American Psychology: Political Culture in the Age of Experts. Herman on Dicks Herman on Lewin Herman on Rockefeller
    4.5 Wolfe, 1996
    4.5.1 Freud Hilton and Ronald Rapoport
    4.5.2 social turbulence vs. turbulent field, turbulent environment and turbulence
    4.5.3 A Choice of Futures 1976 and Futures We Are In 1977
    4.5.4 superficiality, segmentation and disassociation vs. Dissociation
    4.5.5 Malthusian Ethic and Peccei
    4.5.6 Excursus on OECD and Club of Rome, Matthias Schmelzer
    4.5.7 Trist quote on turbulence
    4.5.8 Excursus for Germans Oliver Janich Das Tavistock Institut und Wellington House
    4.5.9 Peccei quote on Human quality
    4.5.10 snippet on Aquarian Conspiracy and Changing Images of Man
    4.6 Zoakos and others, 1980
    4.6.1 Committe of 300 and first issue on Tavistock (Tavistock Grin) mentioned
    4.6.2 brainwashing, crisis management and again turbulence
    4.6.3 two made-up interviews
    4.7 other texts on archive
    4.8 Wolfe, 1996
    4.8.1 bold assertions
    4.8.2 The Shaping of Psychiatry by War by John Rawlings Rees, 1945
    4.8.3 more blabber
    4.9 LaRouche 1979 on Brzezinski
    4.10 Campaigner 1993 feature story
    4.10.1 Serbian psychiatrists
    4.10.2 Praxis School
    4.11 oldest article on Tavistock, April 1974
    4.11.1 Rockefeller and Rees
    4.11.2 Chicago School and Warlock Friedman
    4.11.3 Rees and Papa Doe Duvalier and Imamu Baraka (LeRoi Jones) Rees and the WFMH Rees JR (1966 ) Reflections: a Personal History and An Account of the Growth of the World Federation for Mental Health Mental Health and World Citizenship Rees 1966 Reflections and ideas like shell shock, morale and selection
    4.11.4 Reesianism and other nonsense
    4.11.5 quotes checked on the second part (which has footnotes) for Rees’ The Shaping of Psychiatry by War, 1945 and quotes from other books
    4.12 second oldest article on Tavistock, May 1974
    4.12.1 Hess, SPIEGEL, Barbarossa
    4.12.2 Rockefeller, Duvalier, Kline (again)
    4.12.3 Rees, OSS
    4.12.4 Dicks, Russian National Character (again)
    4.12.5 Golden, Dubinsky, Schein, other names
    4.12.5 Reesianism invented by LaRouche guys
  5. The Aquarian Conspiracy
    5.1 Consciousness, Enlightening
    5.2 Hope (and Change)
    5.3 Change, Transformation
    5.4 Openness
    5.5 Comparison to Wells’ Open Conspiracy
  6. Jay Dyer
  7. Daniel Estulin - once an agent always an agent?
  8. Other questionable researchers like Ole Dammegard and David Icke I stumbled upon: Webster Tarpley (LaRouche), (Wayne Madsen?, F. William Engdahl? (LaRouche))
  9. Conclusion

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