Coo-ee, You There?

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Authored by @riverflows


G'day, Aussie folk of HIVE!

Under the enthusiastic hand of @bearone, we've been summoned because we're getting the A-Team together again - that is, Team Australia, now re-monikered 'Hive Australia'. Cool bananas - or frozen birdbaths, if you're in the southern states and freezing like this viral state citizen is. Actually, given Vic is back to zero's again and the other states are shutting borders or being shut out, it's feeling just that little bit warmer here than the gulag it seemed not a fortnight ago.

Anyone, enough of that - HIVE has no borders to slam shut, and this post is a vegemite roll call for any Aussies still kicking goals on HIVE to put their hands up and say so, in the spirit of Aussie camaraderie. I'll be shamelessly tagging you mob once a month, so if this drives you round the bed, let me know and I'll remove the ampersand from your name. And if you're NOT listed below, let me know where you're at in the comments section, and I'll add you to the list.

Wanna Win a Delegation?

Yewwww - that's right, a 200 HP delegation is YOURS for a month. All you gotta do is write an awesome comment below. Tell us what you're up to, spin a bit of Betoota style satire on Aussie events, tell us a fireside ghost story or just do you, and me and @bearone will get all judgey on ya and reward you a delegation. **NB: We reserve the right to not give you anything if you're all lame.

Wanna help out more? Tag an Aussie missing on the list below, and/or pop into our Discord to pop your hand up for a community role to Make (Hive)Australia Great Again.

And remember, it's not a lockdown, it's a bender.

@riverflows, @melbourneswest, @bobaphet, @chocolatescorpi

@quochuy, @bearone, @travelgirl


South Oz
@holoz0r, @minismallholding, @galenkp, @mattclarke

West Oz
@montycashmusic, @ryivhnn



@opensauce, @shaidon, @tarazkp, @bmj, @daydreams4rock, @dfinney, @krystle, @thekitchenfairy, @nigelrhill, @scooter77

Till next time!

Hive Australia Discord


Haha great roll call!! Please reblog to expand our reach peoples!

Thanks for putting everyone in their states. Gonna come in handy for when we organise the server 💚

@apshamilton and @aussieninja are nomadic Aussies.

Yes, I'm an Aussie living in Tel Aviv, Israel.
I'm a Hive witness, Hive's only active lawyer and am running a big class action lawsuit in the Federal Court of Australia remotely from Tel Aviv.

One good thing to come out of Corona craziness is that Australian Court have all moved onto remote appearances via MS Teams, so I have been appearing in Court regularly from my home office in the early hours of the morning.

I still have to wear a jacket & tie but can just wear pajamas down under (out of camera view like a newsreader)!

I'm from Sydney originally. I should mention my state allegience too as Australia seems to have split back up into colonies without free travel between them - the main achievement of Federation undone!

Oh man, so good to learn more about you!! As a senior school English teacher occasionally forced into remote teaching, I know the joys of teaching in my knickers pajama bottoms. I didn't realise you were fighting the good fight - much kudos to you. Yes, the split into colonies defies any 'young and free' crowing we may have patriotically cawed - sadly, we're bound and tethered even more than we used to be.

Hi, hi, I'm here, I'm from Melbourne but I'm in the US at the moment.

Oh you have Rustle?

Are you stuck there or living happily by choice? Thanks for checking in!

I do have Rustle! He's right here with me!

No, we're pretty happy at the moment. We're not here forever, just until it's not fun anymore.

Give @rustle a big hug for me.

I absolutely will!

Can we get a photo of Rustle @aussieninja for the next roll call?

Hey all, I might need to do some rebranding to get my user names consistent.

But what if I wanted to go under the radar for 6 months again like before and @choogirl didn't know about me, because I was HIVE social distancing before social distancing was cool? 😂

We will find you. There is no escape.

Opensauce is actually @ctrpch on Hive, just to confuse you all. Another from SA.

Also, we seem to be missing @aagabriel, in WA.

Cheers, will adjust for next time!

I thought it might be you writing. The Jimmy Rees video was a give away. 😉

Haha yes, I'll try to find something different for next time. I am a self confessed Rees addict. I think the more you watch them, the more funny it gets as you start to 'get' his humour lol.

"I love it when a plan comes together!" Hannibal from The A Team. Chomps cigar

@focus.folks is in SA.


I pity the fool who doesn't love this.

Somehow missed this back when you wrote it. Thanks!

I've played a bit of Splinterlands

20 battles or so

Doing a lot of losing

Won 3



@shaidon, @nigelrhill,






@daydreams4rock, @dfinney, @krystle, @thekitchenfairy, @scooter77, @opensauce

@opensource is @ctrpch here in SA.

I thought that was the case, but I wasn't 100% sure

SA leading the way for numbers!

We always will, especially with your mob!

You rang?

Hello, Queenslander here. 👋

@kaelci, fabulous to see you are still here!

Cheers! I try to be anyway 😄 I'm a bit off and on lately.

Think that writing/voice style is bang on for these XD

also ampersand is &, @ is just at x_x

I'm here, but you already knew that XD

I'm opting out of anything that involves judging

Stone the bloody crows, I did know that and what an embarrassing error.

Don't stone the crows, Captain Gundry might get annoyed :D

I am Aussie on a technicality. 😉

Married an Aussie. Earned my permanent residence status (which I still have), lived in Canberra for 4.5 years, then moved my hubby back to the USA with me. 🙂

So I fall into “overseas and far away”. Until the border opens back up and we can come hang again. 😄

@dfinney Sounds like you earnt your vegemite stripes. It's a tough journey to get back here at moment sadly!

Yeah. I feel bad for my husband. We were last back in November 2019 (which was pretty perfect timing considering the year that followed). He really misses his fam. Probably more so knowing we can’t get back in. And his brother is getting married in September. Blah blah blah. I just want his parents to stay healthy so we can have a happy reunion as a soon as Australia is ready for visitors again.

I hope so too. It really sucks that families are kept apart.

So you stole an Aussie, did you? 😜

@tarazkp: Finland

Gah, really? I thought he was referring to Funland as Aus 🤦‍♀

Yep, Finland. A long way from Aus.

Hell yeah @riverflows! What a bloody great idea and thanks for the invite!
we still haven't caught up IRL for that cuppa yet and since we can and the rest of Aus can't...well lets do it!
Next time you're heading to ol Melbs town, give me a yell!

I'd also like to tag Mr stunning sunsets himself @kohsamui99 taking it (maybe a bit too easy....😄...) up there in Beautiful Byron. what do you reckon Mr @kohsamui99 ? You in?

I feel familiar with vegemite (in my kitchen ;)) and just want to say "Hi" to everyone ^^

Hello!! :D Where are you from?

Good morning, I am from Vietnam 🤗

AHHHH!! Well hello!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thanks to vegemite ^^ Have a great week ahead :)

Oh and I'd also like to nominate another legend from Melbourne- MR @harveyword too.

Now we've all heard of Harvey World travel (since atleast the 80's) but this is the esteemed Hivean himself, Mr Harvey's Word it don't you.

So fly on in @harveyword and hook up with the best hive crew this side of the Indian Ocean.

Im starting to think Melbourne is catching up to Adelaide... 😱

Oh awesome, another Melbourneite!

Crikey mate would love to be more active but not sure how, any hints gov?

I suppose this is a late reply since you found out how to be more active onyour own :D See you in Discord mate!

I’m on the Gold Coast. There was a post on Steemit with all this information!

Posted via

Is the Gold Coast a state now? 😜

On where?

That would require me looking for it... and I'm not particularly good at remembering stuff, so I need to meet you again 😂

There was a nice map made by someone. I can’t seem to locate it! It would require searching the ‘otherside’!

Posted via

ohh hells no Im not going to the otherside.. that would require serious quarantining :P

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Hello! I am a Vegemite in SA and so is @focus.folks

I don't have any good satire in me at the moment, but I'm on Hive to post videos of my two-wheeled adventures

Also I'm very lame and therefore deserve nothing!

@bunny11 would agree with first part

And oh yeah, that user (bunny) and a @aturtlewithwings are also fair dinkum Aussie battlers

Fellow Vegemite 👋

Everybody do yourself a favour and suss the videos...