Red tortoise cake

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Today I visit this streetside stall and I saw the red tortoise cake I haven't eat for a long time. They are selling it for 6 for RM5. I decided to buy it to eat it after dinner.
Red tortoise cake is a small round or oval-shaped Chinese pastry with soft, sticky glutinous rice flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling in the center. It is molded to resemble a tortoiseshell and is presented resting on a square piece of banana leaf. As suggested by its name, red tortoise cakes are traditionally red in color and have a sticky, chewy texture when eaten. Red tortoise cakes are shaped like tortoise shells because the Chinese traditionally believed that eating tortoises would bring longevity to those who are eating them and bring about good fortune and prosperity

There are two main components in red tortoise cakes, the skin and the filling. The skin is made mostly from glutinous rice flour and sweet potato whereas the fillings are made from precooked ingredients such as mung bean or ground peanuts and sugar. After kneading and molding the ingredients together, the red tortoise cakes are steamed on a piece of banana leaf. In countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, these pastries are popular snack items and are especially popular with children because of their sweet and savory taste.

This stall got 5 different flavors.

Orange: ground bean

Pink: red bean

Yellow: salty bean

White with black dot: black sesame

Green: salty bean







I also like to eat colorful cakes like this it makes me feel better.