Love All The Way From The East.....

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Hello Hive, it has been awhile + long time I see you...

In a bright afternoon, I received a message from the shipping company that there's parcel for me and its has arrived at the lobby, whenever there's parcel delivery although I know what the contents inside however I still get the excitement. Haha, this is just me.

Wear my double masks and get a piece of alcohol wipes, I'm ready to down pick up my parcel. Once reach at the lobby, wipe wipe wipe the box then only bring up. When I open the boxes, I'm wow! That is a lot of herbs. Full of joy. 😂

Love From The East 1.jpg
Flying all the way from the East to my home, Thanks Mum!❤️ The supply is more than enough for months I guess 😅. When you live far from home and yet still able to feel the "Love" from home, precious!!

Luckily that I have enough containers, or else I don't know how to store all of these herbs into the fridge. In order to preserve the herbs, it has to keep inside the fridge.

Love From The East 2.JPG
Currently Cooking "Flos Lonicera Japonica". I'm not sure if it correct name for this Chinese medicinal drink, that what the shop print on the packaging.

It has to boil for 45 minutes to an hour in a low steady heat. This pot is about 4L, can keep in the fridge and within a few days must finish everything.


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