Rumah Tangsi...

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The mansion was built in 1907 by Loke Yew appointed by the owner Loke Chow Kit. Currently this mansion is under the heritage site, well kept and the restorations work done on 2017.


Good weather with blue sky and a beautiful architecture, the mansion itself is an art.


The sun on top of us, the house tour bring us outside the house explaining about the windows.


As I steps into the exhibition space which is a mansion, little did I know that the mansion I'm stepping in was 114 years old that have been through 2 world war and have been well preserved. Thanks to this Mr Handsome house tour and explaining the Rumah Tangsi history passionately.


A view from the mansion corridor, where you can see soon to be complete tallest building in Malaysia called Merdeka 118. According to the information that is available via google. The building is going to complete in year 2022 with 118 floors.


One of the booth there sell a HR card games, pretty interesting.

I hope that you have a great opening year of 2022!


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Wah such a nice view of this century old mansion... Next time I will go visit.. 😁😁😁

Nice kan.. this mansion now become event hall already..

Wah Seh... One place to add on to my must see list.