Malaysia Tour Operator Announcing Accepting Steem & SBD as Payment

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It is official now, after much back to back meetings with my accountants, I finally decided that #totallyborneoholidays will be accepting Steem and SBD as payment on holiday tour packages in Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo.

Totally Borneo Holidays Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 1084508-P) is a licensed Travel Agency approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Arts (Malaysia) (KPL/LN : 7561)and is also a member of MATTA (Malaysia Association of Tour & Travel Agents - MA4616). Totally Borneo Holidays (TBH) is formed by a group of experienced and seasonal Travel Planners, Tour Coordinators, and Guides with years of experience in the tourism industry.

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Since joining Steemit Aug 2017 (but I was only actively started posting in Dec 2017), I have learned a lot about Digital Currencies especially Steem and SBD. One fine day, @danieldoughty asked me about where we can we hold our first #teammalaysia Sabah gathering after the Steemit Masterclass, I suggested instead of the casual meetups at cafes, why not have a fun outing. So, I proposed the idea to have a rivercruise to watch the sunset and fireflies coupled with a seafood dinner at Beringgis Fireflies Cruise that my company runs. And that's when the idea of accepting Steem as payment for members to join the gathering all started for me. Check out the gathering post here

A lot of consideration was put in thought, through offline and online especially with the helpful advice from @bitrocker2020, @danieldoughty and also @danielwong (who runs Big Hug Burger joint in Kuala Lumpur) that really boosted my confidence towards accepting Steem and SBD in the business sense involving my company, TBH. You can read @danielwong's post about accepting Steem & Sbd here. Another fellow Sabahan Steemian Doctor @papanog also has started to receive Steem & SBD as payment for medical fees, check out his post here too. Another Sabah Steemian @borneoairbrush also receive Steem & Sbd as payment for his Tattoo services , check out his post here

Since joining Steemit last year, we have seen a great number of growth of Steemit members around the globe and as of today according to Steemit Ambassador @stephenkendal, we will see 2.7million registered Steemit user by the end of 2018. You can check out his statistics here. The numbers show a staggering growth and with that said more people starting to believe and support the steemit platform.

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How it Works?

Pretty simple actually, if you and family decided to come to Sabah for a holiday, TBH can assist you in taking care your trip. Just tell us what you want, our sales team will design a Tour Itinerary for you with an agreed Steem or SBD.

If you wondering what kind of tour packages we offer, below are some of the packages we offer for this upcoming MATTA Fair 2018.

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Note: These Rates only applies to Malaysian Citizens Only. Please comment below to request for Non-Malaysian rates.

Why Am I Doing This?

  1. CONFIDENCE on the platform and Crypto Currencies actually, it is beyond the mindset of humankind that the next thing is Digital Currencies. People travel every now and then, #Travel or #Tourism is on the top used tag in Steemit. Literally, we can see people posting about their travel experiences in a particular country they visit. So, here I am extending a lend of hand to help Steemians to off burdens their hard earned CASH, by using virtually "FREE" crypto in Steemit to pay for their tours and holidays in Sabah.

  2. It's a Marketing Strategy (YES) + Boosts Company Sales.
    Trust me, I took a significant amount of time to decide this, and YES, of course, it is a Marketing Strategy. There's about 2million users in Steemit, and I hope this post can reach out to more Steemians around the world. I was informed that many fellow Steemians have comes to Sabah for holiday, such as @the-alien and wife whom we were supposed to meet up with during our last Sabah Meet Up here. @goodbyematrix also just concluded his Asia Trip whereby he also visited Sabah. You may check out his post here. If @sweetsssj decided to travel to Sabah and use Steem & SBD as payment, I would be Star-Studded should I say.

Matta Fair 2018

Matta Fair 2018 is around the corner 16-18 March 2018, held at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. It is Malaysian best time to shop for travel deal around the world. We TBH will be apart of this MATTA Fair located at Hall 5, #Sabah Tourism Booth. As per mention above are the packages we offer during MATTA Fair, those intending to travel to Sabah in the near future can book this crazy deals immediately before the promo ends, traveling period will be till 31 Dec 2018 (T&C Apply).

Logo Credits to @paywithsteem @btcvenom & @zord189

In searching for initiative paying using crpyto currencies, I stumble unto "Mah Man" the one and only mighty @zord189, an initiative of @paywithsteem. A brainchild idea from @btcvenom collaborate with @zord189 himself which transformed the life of crypto currency. Where people can buy household stuff, gadgets and etc through the Steemit platform. Great Initiative Guys!! Fully Support !!

Do check out @paywithsteem for the latest announcements/updates !!!

Thank You

If you have any question in regards to the above, you can DM me through discord: veenang#2913 or simply just comment below.

Once again, Thank you to #teammalaysia for the support, @bitrocker2020, @danieldoughty, @danielwong, @zord189 for the assistance and advice.

If any of you #teammalaysia coming to MATTA Fair, do drop by to say Hi at my booth, I might even throw in a Cookie (if you know what i mean) if you buy the packages from us. Cheerios.. See you there!!!



Wow ! This is a good catch . Paying with Steem for local tours . It’s an encouraging platform for steemians to do more .

Yeap @anneycho thats the idea.. i hope more steemians will use and accept Crypto Currencies in near future..

Bravo @veenang. Support!

Thks for the support @viverridae

More reasons to travel to Malaysia!!! Thank you for taking this bold step and I'm sure you are the first in the STEEMIT World to allow Steem & SBD officially for tour packages! I'm already thinking of when I'm free on my calender :)

Im waiting. Lol

U bring me around k? :D

Ok bah. No problem . Hehe,, I Be your tour guide bro hehe

hehehe, joking la bro. :D But definitely will go down to yam seng

Come come come ...

Pack your bags! And get going! (^.^)/

Love ur Gif .. thks for the support

YEAH!! Sabah I'm coming soon!

Oh wow. Congratulation bro, yes might be the first in the world as travel agency that accepts steem . Awesome . So. It’s official . In sabah, here the list of enterprises who accept steem. Travel agent , General practitioner , tattoo artist , airbrush artist, PR Agency. In kl , there is a restaurant (big hug) and an online platform pay with steem.

This shows confidence in steemit and steem . Awesome .

Ohh shoot .. i forgot to mention @borneoairbrush.. my bad .. and yes confidence towards steemit platform.

Good job @veenang...

This is so exciting! Thank you for doing this and encouraging the use of STEEM and SBD! More adoption means better things for all of us in the future! Upvoted & resteemed!

Thks for the support @khimgoh ...

Kudos! @veenang ... this is no small feat. Syabas!

Thank you @merahza for the support !! Appreciate it !

Another awesome initiative 💪🏻, see you this Thursday for some burger 🍔

Cant wait bro ... hehe!!

Oh wow... We will definitely help support you and recommend other Steemians to use your services... hope we can do something similar in KL too..

Cheers @orangila ...thank you for the support !!!appreciate it so much.

awesome @veenang ... this is great ! Steem Tours =D

Thks Bro, appreciate the support especially from you !!! meant a lot !!

@veenang, next time we can organize a Team Malaysia Steem tour in Sabah using SBD. Bravo!

Yes Steem Sabah Tours !!! Cheers @jacktan ... thks for the support ..

tip! Must give tip before anything!!!
AWESOME! COOL! Visit Sabah NOW! Yay!

Thanks @elizacheng.... appreciate it so much !!

You are most welcome!

Hi @veenang! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @elizacheng!

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Wow this is awesome! Congratulation @veenang 😀

bahh @syelin buli suda mansau ansau bayar pakai steem... tak payah keluar duit cash !!

Hi @veenang, congratulations on this..thank you fo making steemit more valuable..cheers bro..

cua pm sya di telegram .. mau buat meetup pasal tu charity drive

Great news brother. Congratulation for this. Hoping soon can pay you with SBD or steem.

Thank You for the support bro .. cheerss

cheers bro

Wow..this is great! Congrats bro...

Thanks Connie ..

Excellent bro @veenang.
Imagine, even as an early adopter of this platform, we have already put much confidence by accepting steem in exchange for goods and services.
With more than 2million users by end of 2018.
Keep up the good work bro.

Hey doc .. same to you doc .. keep up the good work too.. steem on !!!

Wah @veenang, it is a very good initiative to grow the users of Steemit, especially urg kita, the Sabahans! Respect la :-) Keep up the good work! Hope to hear more businesses to start supporting this!

Kotohuadan @sandralouis for the support !!

Congratulations on taking this bold step to be the first tour and travel company in Malaysia and possibly the world to accept STEEM as a mode of payment. This will help to fuel the growth of Steem and encourage others to earn and spend in Steem

Thank You @karinzdailygrind for the support .. not sure whether its the first in world .. im humbled if that so !!

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Most all of the meetups are too far away for me to go too. I would love to go to one sometime in the future when things are better for me here.

wow ! @veenang YOu started to accept Steem as payment mode, then more will follow soon.. Great initiative by you that shows your confidence in Steeem and cryptocurrency at large

HEy ya .. yes we started . Hopefully more will support ..