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FINALLY after missing in action for more than half a year, I'm back to blogging! And this time, I'm using SteemPress! I've been mulling too long about whether I should use SteemPress. To be honest, I see more cons than positives when it comes to blogging with SteemPress and the Steem platform.

Specifically with SteemPress, my main gripe is that I can't specify that my actual self-owned WordPress blog is where all the canonical posts should be, and avoid from being tagged as duplicates by Google and other search engines. With Steem in particular, admit it-- the fact that I don't have personal control over the blockchain means that the content isn't solely mine to control; what if one day the Steem blockchain decides to collapse, bringing all the data down with them? With my own blog, at least I've already done secure multiple backups across the cloud.

Source. Google has a pretty sophisticated way of rendering HTML to identify which indexed content is original.

One HUGE benefit that I see with using SteemPress, though, is in the post scheduling. Since it is built as part of WordPress, naturally the publishing status into Steemit will also follow what is set in my WordPress editor. That is a major help, especially seeing that none of the Steemit editing platforms has this support. comes close to being able to save drafts, but that's about it.

Additionally, I finally figured out how to post with WordPress without messing with my existing posts and its SEO at The solution: set SteemPress on a separate WordPress installation from the main site! Hahaha, it sounded ridiculous and tedious to me at first, but then I quickly reminded myself that I'm running on a multisite WordPress installation, so getting a new WordPress site up is easy peasy!

Source. It's just a matter of re-using the same WordPress installation without touching its content. Perfect.

So yay, everything worked out in the end!

For this post, I'm going to immediately publish this and right away monitor my Steemit blog. Fingers crossed, hope everything is smooth <3

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Hey @webgrrrl ... welcome back. Just to clarify these things ...

  1. "With Steem in particular, admit it-- the fact that I don't have personal control over the blockchain means that the content isn't solely mine to control" - as long as you are the owner of the private keys to the article you have posted .. the information posted are yours and belong to you. The data is securedly stored on the blockchain and if you took a look at this post for example ... you can see it in the blockchain. any other app which connects to the steem blockchain is able to read your blogs.
    you can see it from here
  2. what if one day the Steem blockchain decides to collapse, bringing all the data down with them? - thats like trying to take down skynet. you would need to literally shut down the Internet or shutdown every single witness node to bring a blockchain down.

Yeah, call me paranoid. What I post in Steem, stays in Steem, and takes effort to move the content over someplace else not unlike Facebook and Twitter. At least with my own blog, the content stays with my branding at

Adding to the fact that I can also control the backend of my blog asofar as to at least manage my own virtual server, means that I am steps closer to controlling the technology and tools I prefer to use within the website.

I'm totally not complaining, though. After my own blog, the Steem platform is my second preferred choice, followed by Medium which is such an ease to blog in.

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