Squats challenge and December HPUD Guessing Contest

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Ok, I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a legend, but this whole #squatschallenge I been doing this month, wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. But I managed to complete it!!!

A month ago I did my first charity fund raising event by doing 100 squats a day to raise funds for a charity called Stand up to Cancer in UK. I posted my progress on most days from my alt @lut-studio. Things started off very well. I mean it was tough, as I don't normally do much exercise so I knew I had an uphill battle. But I was able to do at at least 100 squats a day even though it was very very tiring and painful.

A few days in, @dbooster joined in the challenge. I was so pleased that I had a challenge buddy to support and motivate me. Then @pardinus and @xrayman joined in as well. Now we have a team of four doing the #squatschallenge on Hive. The guys probably have no idea what this means to me.

There were days, particularly the latter part of the challenge when I felt so awful and didn't feel like doing any squats. I ended up skipping two days. During the last week, I caught the flu and had a bad cough, and that made things worse. Squats does not go well with a bad cough due to the abdominal pain from excessive coughing. It was worse than my legs burning during the first few days.

The guys were very supportive, encouraging me all the time, whilst doing their own challenge. Their encouragement made so much difference, especially when I saw they were flying with their daily squats. That motivated me to keep going. Thanks so much guys!!!


I finished the challenge with 3150 squats, 150 over the target, and £100 donations, bang on target! You can see the list of donations in this link here, you may see some Hivers 😊



livinguktaiwan divider.png


We can feel the Christmas vibe as soon as we step into December, and it's great that we have a whole month to enjoy this. For my December HPUD Guessing Contest, I've pulled out my Christmas decorations and they will be the star of my December HPUD Guessing Contest. It's going to be a very easy guessing contest, it's Christmas after all!!!

And because it's Christmas, I will give you a tip. The height is between 10cm and 18cm. Since the range is rather narrow, you may want to give your answer up to one decimal place eg 1x.xcm or 1xxmm.

The prize pool is 20 HBD and will go to the person who guessed the correct height. If no one guessed the exact height, the person who guessed the nearest will win. And if there is more than one winner, you will share the prize pool. Finally, if you HPUD at least 10 HP today, I will double your prize as a bonus. As usual, I will upvote your entry and the % will be based on your level of engagement as the whole reason I started this HPUD Guessing Contest was to drive up quality engagement on Hive. Good luck everyone!!


Wow I'm impressed with your squat totals despite being sick. I'm still getting over a nagging cold and it has kept me inside most of the time. The thought of doing exercise this week makes me feel extra pain. Way to go!!

Good challenge here's my guess 13.75. Happy HPUD and may you have a glorious holiday month!

The cold and cough was a real bummer, and when it's nice and warm inside I just want to laze around and not do anything

I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a legend

Well, you can. Pushing yourself to 100 squats everyday, even sometimes in hard conditions; getting people to join you on the challenge; AND raising money for a good cause at the same time: that's legend material for me! Oh, and btw, we finished with the exact same number of squats!! 😁

Oh, and the tree has 16,7 cm! ;)

The legend are you guys, if not I'd probably have given up quietly in the hope that no one would notice 😅

So we'll done to you as well!!

We're all legends and that's it! 😁😁

Good morning!

You said it all. By entering the challenge, I was expecting some difficulties, and more from the "inside", as you mention about yourself. The great thing of going for a run, or even a exercise, by doing it an visualize our selfs doing it, motivation kicks in! Thank you for the motivation that you gave me, just like the one that you said that the all group gave you :) Win-Win!

Congratulations on the total amount raised! 100£!!! What a nice round number... like the ones that I like so much! Ahaha

About you contest for the December HPUD Guessing Contest, I'll place my bet in 155mm

Wish you a very happy December!

Stupid me, I was supposed to upvote your comment but upvoted mine instead

😅 I like to reply your comments and posts not "for the vote"... But, thank you so much for your vote 😉

You were on fire @xrayman like there no stopping you and that is the biggest motivation for us all to keep up with you. Although we didn't quite catch up, it certainly served as a very good lead for us all.

Good luck with entry this month!

Holy moly, over 3000 squats. That is quite the feat. We'll done!

Hmm that's a hard one. I'd say 12.5cm for the tree.

It was a lot tougher than expected, glad I made it alive to the end of the month 😁

All my admiration for you! You are a champion and also a very kind-hearted person.


Thanks so much for your lovely words @nanixxx 💕!

Honor to whom honor is due! 😉

Wow you are a squat legend, that's as valuable for a non-exerciser as a guinness record, for me it would be. Congratulations.

My answer to the HPUD Guessing Contest is: 16,8 c.m

Thanks @soyunasantacruz I'm glad I stayed alive during all this, it was a lot tougher than expected

Congratulations on finishing the squat challenge! Being sick and working out sucks... Being sick alone sucks... Having buddies to encourage you and motivate you is the best possible support!!!

Speaking of the challenge... I will go with 13.4cm

Have a great weekend!!

Having the guys support and motivate me certainly made a lot of difference. Good luck with your entry

Wow to that 3150 squats..
That cute tiny xmas tree is 14.5 cm I guess 😅..


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Good luck with your guess!!

Well done @livinguktaiwan, that is a big sum you raised for such a worthy cause, and you were sick during that time as well! You are one determined and superfit lady!
I always look forward to seeing what quest you're going to have for Hive PUD each month. I tried cheating, hoping Google Lens would bring up this cute little Christmas tree in one of the online stores, but no such luck! Bad of me not so;)
My guess is going to be...17,6cm

That's a very clever tactic Lizzie, I forgot one can do that. But luckily I'm pretty sure this won't be on-line as its very old. 😀

I shall pass, as my micrometer measures in 1/1000" only, ho hum.

Chicken!!! I'm sure you'll nail it with your precision!

Great job on the squats and fundraising 👏🏻

14.3cm for the wee tree...

Thanks @ablaze and good luck with your entry!

Well done on the squats challenge. Will you keep doing some to maintain your fitness? I am trying to include some daily exercises in my routine. Maybe I will try this challenge next time.

I'll try to continue do this going forward, maybe not 100 squats a day as I will give up easily, need something that I can achieve quite easish

Well done on the squat challenge, and it is not easy to do them, moreover, if you have been sick. The support of others means a lot, good that you had those who joined the initiative and encouraged you!

So you found your Christmas decoration... 🔍 :)))

About the height of this little tree. Let's try - 15.8cm

Yup, Christmas decorations are out and I realised some are missing, which is a story in itself. Post to follow next week...

Oh no, missing pieces 😕

I know what happened. Probably Grinch or his helpers stole them! 😁

Despite being sick, you still achieved up to 3150 squats , and 150 over the target...this is impressive and it's good that you got supportive people around you within your down time

Happy new month and HPUD

For guess contest, I will go by 15.5cm

Good luck with your entry!

Congratulations on the fundraising squats initiative and for making it a success! And all for that good cause! Congratulations also to the other hivers who joined you in the fray.
As for the height of the little Christmas tree, I think it measures 15.4 cm. Good luck to all participants!👍

Thansk for your kind words and good luck with your entry

Thank you!👍

Many congratulations on meeting your challenge despite being sick. Somehow you are a champion! And congratulations also to those who accompanied you and encouraged you in the endeavor.

I think the little Christmas tree is 16,5 cm.

Happy weekend.

Thanks for your kind words, and good luck with your entry

You're welcome and thanks 😁.

Well done on the squats and the fund raising. Hmmm I would guess 15.5 cm.

Hello!! Thanks as always on your entry

I will really like to challenge myself with this squat someday and for the contest my guess will have to be 16.2cm

It a great challenge that you can start anytime, even 10 squats a day is good

Where is @travelgirl ?

She's around, just not very active

Happy New month you really did great by achieving such amount of squats which isn't easy.

This last contest for the year looks tricky but my guess will be 14.6cm

Thanks! Hopefully the Christmas tree will cheer everyone up even if they don't win

Your really did great by doing that amount of squat it's very impressive. My guess to the contest will be 15.3cm

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Wow congratulations you did great. Even if the motivation at the end wasn’t good. Well done 🎉😊

My guess : 16,4 cm

Happy new month to you Pauline 🤗

And to you Jackie, looking forward to Christmas in your new home?

Thank you kindly Pauline 😊
Looks like I won’t be celebrating it this year. All is still in boxes… and I won’t be back home in Ireland until mid of December. I am in Sweden 🇸🇪 now (for a month) ☃️☃️

That's sound lovely, it must be really cold, perfect for the festival. Have fun!

It is lovely… we had 2 days ago -19 🥶 today it warmed up to -6 so better to go out and about ☃️😊
Thanks! Will do. Have a nice Thursday 👋🏻

Congrats on completing that squatting challenge, very impressive results! :) Pity you didn´t take before and after photos of your legs, now they must look like a bodybuilder´s legs :D

My guess for the new HPUD guessing contest is 14.4 cm :) Thanks for hosting it!

@tipu curate 2

Bodybuilders legs😬 actually I weighed myself at the beginning of the month but forgot to write it down so I have nothing to compare now 🙃

Well, the chances are you might have actually put on some weight during this challenge because while you might have burned some fat, you definitely built some muscles and muscles are actually 20% denser (heavier) than fat :) That´s why muscular people are heavier than fat people (at the same volume).

Oh no! In that case it's good that I can't remember how much I weighed before !!

With your tiny and slim physique, you don´t really need to be afraid of the scale ;)

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