Day 24 of LUT Squats Challenge

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After a rather painful day of doing 200 squats, yesterday I was back on track with my 100 #squatschallenge. My knees still felt a little weak from the previous day, so I had to go carefully. I spent a lot more time doing warm up excecises, much needed in this cold weather and I think it really made the difference.

I completed two sets each of 50 squats. One more week to go with my challenge.

Here's my progress so far

Squats Challenge - Day 24
Over achieved320


My Squats Challenge is to raise fund for Cancer Research, you can find the full details of it in this post here


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Be careful as you are knees feeling weak. Doing two sets of 50 and 50 Is really a struggle. From long time I am thinking to do regular exercise but I am not actively doing that.

Thanks, it a lot harder than expected. But I'll cope!