Day 25/26 of LUT Squats Challenge

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I'm really struggling these couple of days with a cough and cold. Yesterday was very bad, and I didn't have the energy to do any squats at all, and today I only managed one set of 50. Luckily I have some reserves that I can eat into, and not my over achievement is at 170. After the weekend rest, I hope I can recover and continue with the last four days.

Squat by squat, we will get there very soon!

Here's my progress so far

Squats Challenge - Day 26
Over achieved170


My Squats Challenge is to raise fund for Cancer Research, you can find the full details of it in this post here


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Yicks. We had the flu come through here a week or two ago. My kids both got it (so many kids got it that the entire school was closed) as did my wife. It wasn't a fun time for any of them. I hope you feel better soon!

Schools are the worse, one kid catches it and passes it on to so many others.
These couple of days are much better now, thanks.

Still chugging along, determined to finish this off