TearDrops Token -"Proof Of Tears"- The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 53

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Tears" have always ever been a symbol of human and drops of it is always created from a place of beauty.

I know how many tears i have teared and i know how many tears you have teared and just how many tears humanity has teared and good or not-so-good tears should have value because in reality they do/did, for Jehovah keeps these tears in a skin-bottle at the very least.

@teardrops didn't just start. It is historical history, that an imaginary coin (smart media token) is already hitting the > exchanges. Hahaha, [email protected]; "you and me".

@teardrops is still an imaginary smart media token but my precious brothers and swities here on steemit are valuing it and loving it and loving me in return and exchanging and i tell you, this is historical. It is a beauty to watch!

The @teardrops colorlesspaper is filling up quickly and gosh, no "black or white" involved; just "human". It is historical.

With @teardrops SMT, we will evolve something that restores special value to every and each tear drop. We will be able to use @teardrops tokens to dry up many tears and perhaps, replace them with a new breed of tears: we will add more "tears of joy".

My witness name is "steemgigs".

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The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 53


Welcome to the edition The curation A Tear Now Has Value # 53, in this opportunity more of 100 wonderful steemit post are rewarded with extra exposure shared through our account and ascending votes to create inspiration and add tears of enjoyment.

Here some of these publications:
















More wonderful steemit post: ( it is not an exhaustive list)



Please visit some of these publications shared from our account and interact with them, there is always someone who needs your help, a voice of encouragement, a testimony of life to be heard, or you can enjoy a work of art, a poetry, a craft, a tutorial, an inspiring message, get a rare knowledge etc.

Your Boy Terry


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I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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With teardrops every tear has a value, please if you have read through this post and still haven't voted Steemgigs as witness then that is an error.
Please lets support he who supports us💖💯
Thanks for this beautiful compilation @teardrops💖💯

Oh yes, steemgigs is a must to vote. Please how can i vote

Congrats to @atongis, @sn0white , @wondersofnature, to all my Thai friends and to all who had been featured today! And of course, ME! HEHE..
Feel it, Love it and Steem on! Thanks @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops! More Power! 😄

Congratulations po sir! :-)

Thank you sir! 😄

Congratulations to all who are featured and curated by @teardrops! You all guys are amazing... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiring stories. Many thanks also to sir @surpassinggoogle for the unending support to all of us steemians Ulog and #uloggers... God bless us all!

Hello @teardrops, thanks for visiting my post, I use the translator to help, I do not know much English, the translation tears, I love, they cleanse the soul, and rest the spirit, appear in sad and happy moments.
Happy Sunday :)

Wow thanks I was included.

congratulations!!! :)

It's a privilege to be featured here. Even though this is my first post on teardrops, I really appreciate. It's a sign that I'm being valued. We shed tears not because we want it but God knows best. Let our tears not be in vain. Thank you @teardrops Thank you @surpassinggoogle

Thanks for the feature. So this was the reason why my steemians friends teasing me to treat them chao fan..hehe.. And congrats to my friend @atongis amd @sn0white for being one of the list.

Chow fan na sirin sis @saskia! Hehe. Congrats!

Thank you so much sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for making this wonderful #teardrops in steemit.
And congratulations to all who got featured here tonight. Sir @michaelcabiles, sis @saskia, Kuya @atongis, sir @leeart , mam @purpledaisy, and all of you guys, congratulations to us. More power to you boy Terry. :)

Congrats @snowhite! You really deserve to be curated!

Congrats to everybody!

@teardrops that's always there to wipe away tears and give value to every drops. Its always nice to read post about people who are going through hard times but have had their pains being ease through teardrops. Thanks for always being there

Oh yes, removing tears always... Thanks

Congratulations to those featured . Kudos . @teardrops , we all appreciate the good work which you’re doing , @surpassinggoogle , we love you now and always . Every tear is worth a fortune with @teardrops

Yes, @teardrops has done it all. We love you and I will keep on praying for you

Congrats to steemians mentioned and curated. Thanks to #SirTerry @surpassinggoogle for your generosity... May Jehovah continue to be with you and your household..

Thanks for sharing the teardrops token to me @teardrops.

Congratulations to all those who were also featured. I'll have to give it to you. You work tirelessly to put smiles on steemian faces. God bless you Big Bro.

Congrats @nexrules for the feature. Read your post and if i were in your shoes, i wouldn't mind a rainy day when I am able to sell 5sbd later. Lol. Again, congrats!

Congrats to all featured authors! Great job unto @teardrops.

Really great job, thank you @teardrops

Your consistency amaze me!

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the generous token give away. Congratulations to all winners

Another list of teardrops token give away. Congratulations to all my friends that made the list @fadiji09, @izzrael, @shikika, @desmoniac and others

Thanks bro

Thanks brother

Cool congratulations to them. I. So happy for you

Thanks for the mention boss.. @teardrops

I really do appreciate it.

INDEED, every tear now has a value, all thanks to you because you made it possible @surpassinggoogle

God bless you more than you ever imagined sir

Congrats to all those who got featured today... Keep the steemit fire burning.. @surpassinggoogle, thanks for noticing these guys

Way to go to the steemians whose their @teardrops have been featured. Congrats to all being featured especially to @saskia, @atongis and @sn0white.

Congratulations to everyone curated. A tear now has value

Thanks for educating us #teardrop, GOD bless @surpassinggoogle for given us #teardrop

Congratulations to everyone that made the 53rd list

Wow..Once again a million of thanks @teardrops sir terry @surpassinggoogle for featuring me here again...😁

And congrats...to us..yeyeyey..cheeeeeerrrssss.👏👏👍😁

Congratulations to all the featured authors!!! :)
Congratulations bes @sn0white and @kneelyrac :D :) :)

Thank you so much @teardrops 😀 Thank you @surpassinggoogle. 😀💖
Congratulations to all featured authors. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. 😀

Wow! Another excellent post from Batch #53! Congratulations everyone! Again congrats to our dearest friend @atongis, @saskia and @snOwhite! You always inspired us like @teardrops and @surpassinggoggle!

Thank you te :)

salamat madam:-)

Congratulations to all ! congrats to my friends @saskia and @snOwhite and of course @atongis ! you guys are certified teardrops' listers

Thanks sis. You are also a certified teardrops listers:)

Thank you for having me on the list. Also congratulations to @mermaidvampire, @leeart, @saskia, @sn0white and all authors of all the curated posts :-)

Thanks kuya :)

Congrats sir @atongis! Galing!

Congrats, sir!

salamat ading,hehe

Congratulations to all featured here in @teardrops #53 by sir @surpassinggoogle. Once again he exhibits his generous heart. More power sir.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the generous token give away. Congratulations to all winners

Congratulations to all, especially to @atongis, @snowhite, @saskia. Once again sir @surpassinggoogle exhibits his generous heart through @teardrops #53. Let us keep on steeming.

So my nonsensical drawing got featured....

Thanks much.
I appreciate lots

Congratulations yet again to all those curated! And lots of thanks to @teardrops for giving value to tears and to @surpassinggoogle for being the inspiration to us.

Congrats @shikika @yennarido @flordecar, and to all curated! Many thanks to @surpassinggoogle @teardrops, God bless us all!

Congrats guys

Congratulations to all.. Congrats ate @saskia and ate @sn0white..

Congrats din pala kay kuya @atongis. Hehe

@teardrops is still doing it more better. Thank you for adding value to people's tear. You are a life inspire machine

Congratulations to all curated, I'm so much happy for you. Thanks also to @teardrops and also to @surpassinggoogle for all what he has done in impacting and showing steemians especially newbies love and mercy. Thanks so much

Congratulations to all curated, I'm so much happy for you. Thanks also to @teardrops and also to @surpassinggoogle for all what he has done in impacting and showing steemians especially newbies love and mercy. Thanks so much

It's so cool for all @teardrops so far. More blessing to @surpassinggoogle

Congratulations guys!Great Job..👍

Indeed we should keep encouraging and helping others. We belong in the same community/family and we look after each other. Thank you for featuring my post. It is a great help when you get exposure.

Thank you so much for this idea @teardrops. It is so encouraging to see people sharing their stories and get rewarded. You are an impressive man. Coming up with this is such a huge help. God bless you @surpassinggoogle.

Congratulations to all, being curated
at @teardrops! Especially to @iantorres33 :) You guys did a great job, congrats! :)

congratulations to all the selected ones. Once again thanks to teardrops for each tear of hope that gives all of us who belong in this great community steemit!!!

Excellent, teardrops choosing content and supporting all its users. Continue to improve each time our blogers community