Vmware Review

in #tech2 months ago

Vmware is amazing to be honest, the best type 2 hypervisor out there. it works with EVERYTHING you throw at it, with the exception of windows vista pre-reset and older betas. they're too unstable for whatever reason, nevermind the fact the rtm, service packless versions of the windows systems they're based on work just fine by default.


I have had very limited experience with hyper V because the first time I was able to run it was this summer when I got a laptop with beefy cpu and specs that also support vt-x and slat and as such i can use hyper V. But as for my experiences hyper v is amazing for running windows 8 and 10 and some linux distros officially recognised by microsoft. It's clear that hyper v (the windows 8 and 10 versions of it) are built around 8 and 10 and as such are perfect for it. but windows 7 and earlier have now been neglected and run too limited for my taste, as characterized by 16 colors only, and if you don't have the latest up to date iso, the installer won't even work. it's a type 1 hypervisor which also means that it makes your host OS act as a sort of "privileged vm" and the hyper v vms are unpriveged vms


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