Apple Suffocates Third Party Repair...Again.

in #tech2 years ago

Apple are no stranger to keeping their systems under lock and key but the company has continued to make its products harder to repair. Their anti repair measures are reportedly extending to disabling Face ID if third party screen repair is carried out as demonstrated in the video below:

Genuine screen replacements are hit with a missing key feature and is likely an intentional move to strong arm custom towards official Apple repair. It's not a massive surprise to many but once more highlights how far a company is willing to go to take away alternative repair options from their customers.

For those who have difficulty visiting an authorised Apple repair store, there is little hope in the interim for third-party iPhone solutions. Things may change in the future but legislation against such moves may never arrive. The EU may force Apple to change its charging standards and cables in the coming years, one can only hope this might extend to repair.

PS - Phone Repair Guru is greatness!