ByteDance and the Data Question

in #techlast year

Data collection is a precious business in the digital age and countries around the world are always interested in how private companies treat user information and more importantly who it gives it to. From China to the west, Douyin made it’s debut as TikTok in 2016 as ByteDance brought something new and addictive to handsets across the world. Over the years, controversy has been all over with tensions between China and the US especially.

Latest statements from ByteDance failed to clarify whether it allows access of user information to the Chinese government. The dialogue seems to be one where U.S. policy head, Michael Beckerman danced around the matter, pun intended. Whether this will result in further action down the line remains to be seen but recent reports of the U.S. closing its doors on China Telecom in the States due to its state-owned status shows that action is being taken against companies operating that pose potential risk. It’s most likely that ByteDance will keep churning out policy updates and keep its operations going for the foreseeable future but things may change just as quick for the company if congress decides to swing its banhammer.