EU and E-Waste Proposals

in #techlast year

Policy changes and proposals keep rolling in and the latest proposals related to mobile manufacture packaging might change and standardise what’s in the box in the future. The statement included:

• A harmonised charging port for electronic devices
• Harmonised fast charging technology
• Unbundling the sale of a charger from the sale of the electronic device
• Improved information for consumers

The first point in particular stands out with a focus on non-propriety charging cables and a common standard of USB-C along with fast charging. For many this is a positive direction to move towards but there are split opinions on the exclusion of cables on electronics.

Spending money on a new phone comes every now and then and when I buy a premium product, the lack of accessories in the box will most likely detract from the experience. I dislike having to buy additional products and would hope that chargers are included as freebies or a transparent reduction on the price happen. But with the world spinning as it is today, we can probably expect to pay more for even less in the coming future. I am all for reducing E-Waste, I just hope consumers don't get hit with the short stick again in the long term.