Facebook Without The Face?

in #techlast year

Facebook will be removing their facial recognition feature due to privacy concerns. It scans images uploaded to the platform and suggests tags based on the information it has collected over time in your network. It's a useful tool on the surface, allowing people to find their friends and encourages embedded meta data and extended interactions between people. The tagging suggestion feature was removed in 2019 but the platform still carries image recognition for over a billion people. An extensive data set that could pose a risk in the wrong hands.

Facebook has been under scrutiny in the U.S. and recent Facebook papers paint the company in colours that are a cause for concern in society. Despite their name change to ‘Meta’, Facebook are very much the same social giant that seek to sell user data and build products with money in mind, disregarding damaging effects to its users over time.

Regulation continues to press forward as organizations disclose their processes and there will be more changes on the horizon no doubt.