Netflix and Games

in #techlast year

Netflix launched a gaming service that is currently bundled with existing subscriptions for android devices. The limited launch is a modest set of indie games that has left many without much of interest. Perhaps this initial sample is just a taste of what the company wishes to achieve, discovering what their user base might be interested in playing both online and offline.

To me, the current offering leaves much to be desired and may appeal to a small set of their user base but it carries much potential if it finds a niche it can successfully serves. Memberships for gaming titles have proven to be a value proposition for users and various ‘Game Pass’ like services have continued to emerge. Netflix developed games in addition to their catalogue of movies and shows might carry some weight if they are able to deliver something for a wider audience, allowing the next wave of social gaming online.

For now however, the limited launch might be something many either overlook or don’t bother with. Netflix does what it does best with delivering entertainment, if it can into gaming in the future will need to be seen.