Razer Brings The Hype and Not Much More?

in #tech2 years ago

Razer, a leading gaming brand that has provided RGB goodness across platforms for years. I have owned numerous Razer products and the experience has varied over the years. Keyboards, mouse headsets and even face masks are appear in their catalogue. Mixed opinions over razer across the board for this gaming brand that is labelled for having a brand tax that offers very little in the way of quality and support.

It’s clear to me that the company has a design aesthetic that please many and I will highlight that many of their products have quality components. Whether their QA and after sales services live up to this is another matter. Luckily, I have never had to make use of their after-care support. But a company that offers high value items including laptops, monitors and more at such a high price points needs accountability and support for its products.

After watching a few reviews on the Razer Raptor 27” monitor and checking out user reviews, the monitor definitely falls short on the performance side. While the “Razer Tax” is something some can look past, the product is directly geared towards gaming enthusiasts who demand performance. After having some time with the product by chance, the design aesthetic and build quality were excellent. But quality of the panel itself is lacking and many gamers will perhaps afford multiple monitors that outperform this one for the equivalent cost. The THX certification is also an interesting feature on their product page, nothing weird going on there wink wink.

In this instance, the product seems great for a premium office or content creation experience but gaming enthusiasts should think twice, perhaps many times over before opting for a sub-par item. Gaming is what Razing do but, in this case, fall short and even a glossy marketing campaign won’t excuse them from scrutiny. Regardless, I do enjoy seeing themed setups, moar RGB please.