Will The Exynos 2200 Hit or Miss?

in #techlast year

Samsung’s in-house Exynos chip leaves much to be desired. Since its conception, it has been the lesser offering across its flagship offering. Those who are stuck with the Exynos versions of the phones are no doubt getting a worse experience compared to the snapdragon variant from Qualcomm. With Apple’s M1 and Google’s Tensor chips making their way to market, can Samsung get away with their underperforming chip that is plagued with energy/heat issues for the upcoming S22?

Samsung are going out guns blazing with a massive upgrade in the form of the Exynos 2200, a chip that might finally get things right if AMD have been able to steer the ship with their rDNA innovations. However, seems that the company are not prepared to double down on their in-house chip just yet as it’s expected that the S22 and higher variants will be offered in both Exynoss and snapdragon 898 versions (depending on region). The arrival of the new Exynos chip may bring ray tracing and great graphical capabilities to the mobile device but once again it remains to be seen whether the Exynos will be a viable choice. It will be highly impressive if it is to outperform the snapdragon chip, but it might just be a big win on Samsung’s horizon.

As a Samsung fan, I hope things will change for the better and it becomes a win-win situation for users and the company. Success with the Exynos chip will no doubt bring about benefits for both the manufacturer and consumer down the road.