$35 Chromebook to a full fledged laptop ➡️ Installing Another OS (revised ed.)

in #tech8 months ago

My previous video on this topic is sitting at nearly 3k views on YouTube, making it one of my most watched videos. Ironically, had some missing info in it, and almost immediately became outdated. This will hopefully provide some updated info.

Anyway, this is a revised version of my previous post on a similar topic. It's pretty easy to get a different operating system running on a chromebook and it's a great way to extent some functionality of a device or a way to get a secure operating system running once a chromebook runs out of updates. As a bonus, you can usually find used ones for dirt cheap (I got mine for $35).

Just like the last one, this is mostly just me talking about what I did and what your options are. It's not quite a tutorial per say, but hopefully with the resources listed above it's enough to help you look into whether a project like this is worth taking on. If you get stuck feel free to @ me in the comments or on the fediverse @[email protected] and I'll do my best to help in anyway I can.

Gallium Wiki Compatibility Page
All about Appimages
Appimages in Portable Mode
DB Tech Gallium Installation Guide
Linux Basics
Rufus Tutorial
Linux Mint Complete Installation/Tutorial
Enable the "Non-Free" Repo in Debian

A couple random notes from editing:
First, I should have clarified better: things like sound are likely caused by hardware that's not quite run-of-the-mill. Things like WiFi are often times missing by default even on regular hardware on the Debian default installer since they try to keep everything open source.

Second, in the comments of my last video I was talking about how I was still getting security updates mid/late 2022 on Gallium. After glancing at the Github repo for the vid I don't think I was and was only getting application updates from the Gallium repo. Not 100% sure tho, bit of a moron as I said.

Last, forgot to mention about sound. I haven't gotten around to fiddling with sound yet, mine doesn't have any at the moment (just using Bluetooth for now when I want sound). I'll update this if I ever get around to toying around with it, but again, I was told Linux Mint did better with sound.


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