Why I Prefer Mac Over PC

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This is the discussion we all love to hate. Mac VS PC. Share your own thoughts and preferences over the comment section down below!

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I have always owned a PC and used Windows as my operating system because it was available, cheap and I was a pretty heavy gamer in my teenage years so a UNIX-like operating system, was a deal breaker. There is one thing I had always wanted, an unachievable dream of buying my own Mac computer. I don't know if it was because it looked cool, or different from any other machine I used. But as a young technologist, I was lured by Apple's spells of elegance and luxury.

I sold my high-end gaming computer to buy a brand new Macbook Pro 13" only earlier this year, making this the most expensive computer I have ever bought. I'm as objective as possible, since I have about 18 years of PC usage vs 1 of Mac usage.

An example of a powerful Spotlight search

The Operating System

MacOS have made me hate Windows, sorry Microsoft, I know you're cool now and you love Linux, but Apple's OS is just better. The experience is sleek and fast wherever, I love the Siri integration and the comprehensive Spotlight search - just hitting Command+Space and querying anything; A sentence from a document I'm trying to find, a dictionary definition for the word "biased" or even weather information, all results are in quite instantly. It's amazing! What's more, it never gets slow and laggy like Windows does. Plus, it has all of the features of a Linux terminal, a big advantage for a developer. Oh! And I can type emojies everywhere, out of the box. 😊

Hardware and build quality

The build quality of the Macbook Pro is just amazing. It's light and thin and packs some kick-ass hardware. Oh! and it fits perfectly in my backpack. Moreover, it never gets as hot as other laptops I have owned in my life and the battery life gives me about 8-9 hours of screen-on time! There's no doubt that it's easier to maintain a high build quality when a company has a smaller line of products, like Apple's. There is also a super large and responsive multi-touch trackpad that supports many cool gestures, to pump up productivity!

The screen and touch bar

An eye candy. I enjoy looking at this screen so so much, it's vivid and sharp I just love it. But, about that so-called Touch Bar, I'd prefer the classic function keys. I'm using them to debug, A LOT. Don't take them away from me for a gimmick.

I love my Mac even though it was super expensive, I'll know if it was worth it when I'll have the urge to replace it. I still haven't figured out the life with dongles, they're also expensive and very uncomfortable. But I rather be a pioneer using USB-C with dongles, for a better tomorrow where everybody uses USB-C as a standard.

And you PC lovers, feel free to criticize me as much as you like. I expect disagreement and I'll hear you out no matter what your opinion is. Are you a PC or a Mac? Let me know!

My sexy Macbook skin

Oh, and thanks @techslut for readproofing the title ;)


Sorry dori but I prefer Microsoft than Apple because I was used to the interface. I use an Alienware laptop which had served me well for 1 year. I hope it can lasts for another year. This laptop is heavy and thick and it is the complete opposite to yours. I am a video gamer that is why. Everyone had their differences when it comes to our product. But for instance, if Microsoft does not release its new operating system or become disabled in computers, I would switch to Apple grudgingly.

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