Go-Hive: A hive library for Go

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Go-Hive Announcement

So, I’m an enormous Golang fan.

I write Go for work and play and want to use it to access the data on Hive. There are some older Steem variants out there that I would fork and update, but I have since changed my mind. The one has had zero updates in years and the other which has had updates in the past year is difficult to use (from my attempts at least).

So I’ve created Go-Hive (better name in progress) from scratch with the aim to keep it as easy as possible to use. There is not much there and is a work in progress, so please give me some feedback on what we could improve.

At first my focus is on fetching data from the blockchain, since that is the lowest hanging fruit. Once all the methods for viewing the desired data are present, I’ll move on to transactions and adding data to the chain.

Git Repository