Google Drive releases an update to facilitate file organization

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Many Google Drive users suffer from disorganization of files, randomness in their arrangement, and many related problems. The company announced new updates that would help solve these problems in order to facilitate file organization, transfer, and access quickly.

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Google releases its new features at different levels and speeds, depending on the size and complexity of the files. In order to ensure that these features are introduced smoothly, which made the updates reach some users since last April 12, and continue to reach other users over the coming days.

One of the first features launched by the cloud storage service from “ Google ” is the availability of 3 new tabs to facilitate the process of transferring files, namely: “Suggested”, “Starred” and “All locations and the tabs are replaced by the back button, when moving to the location of the folder. There are also other notable features:

1- The feature of showing a list of suggested sites with the option to reject the suggestion; To quickly remove suggested sites from the list.

2- Make file transfers easier with a single click by adding a new built-in button.

3- Added new labels and explanations to clarify errors that users may encounter when transferring files.

4- View details about the path of the selected folder, add an option to create a new folder, and show a new notification for the item you're trying to move if it's headed to an empty folder.

These services will be available to Google Workspace users, in addition to personal account holders, but they will reach users in several stages and will not reach everyone at the same time