WhatsApp can't be trusted: Elon Musk

in #technology11 months ago

Elon Musk, the co-founder of several technology companies, launched a tweet on his personal Twitter account, in which he warned his followers not to trust the social networking application WhatsApp. This warning came after a mask accused WhatsApp of violating users' privacy by encrypting messages, and also using the microphone sometimes without the user's permission.

WhatsApp responded to these claims that users have full control over microphone settings and can grant permission to the app to access the microphone only when needed. Despite this, Musk insisted that no app, including WhatsApp, could be trusted.


This conflict occurred after the tweeter, as he introduces himself, Fouad Dabiri, who lives in San Francisco, California, where the headquarters of the micro-blogging site is located, published a tweet about the appearance of the application’s microphone at varying times of dawn. That is, when he was asleep.


Musk wrote a tweet on top of Dabiri’s tweet, in which he said: “WhatsApp cannot be trusted,” and followed it up an hour later with a decisive tweet, and he said: “Do not trust anything, even nothing.”


So the brazilians are f*cked up. We use this app massively here.