WhatsApp Copies Popular Telegram Feature

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication applications. It is famous in the world in terms of popularity, but when it comes to advantages, this application appears to lag behind its closest competitor: "Telegram".

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According to some reports, “WhatsApp” is currently working on copying “the most popular feature” among users of its competitor, “Telegram”, which is the channel, or private messages. The name of the feature also in “WhatsApp” would be the channel.

But this name in case of “WhatsApp” may change to suit the purpose of the feature, which is a message from one user to many users. With this feature, WhatsApp users can subscribe to an account from which they receive newsletters regularly.

This feature, which is still in the experimental stage, is similar to the 'channels' in Telegram. When you subscribe to a channel in that application, such as news organizations, information begins to flow to users.

The new feature can have several benefits:

1- It can be quickly searched and subscribed without the need for an invitation or clicking on a link, as is the case with groups now.

2-Allows you to control who can receive channel messages.

3- As a screenshot of the trial version shows, the information of users who join the channel will remain hidden.

Currently, the WhatsApp compose code shows the following:

After the new feature takes effect, it will be added as "Create a new channel".

WhatsApp has a problem that the number of people who can subscribe to a new group or community is limited. Although the application worked to increase the number, as in case of the group, that can include up to 1024 people, while there is no limit to the number of subscribers in the case of "Telegram" channels, which is what distinguishes it.

It is not clear whether the “channel” in “WhatsApp” will be identical to its counterpart in “Telegram” in terms of number.