Will Robots take over human jobs by 2025?

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In Western countries, there are fears that millions of jobs could be lost due to artificial intelligence. Obviously, if robots equipped with artificial intelligence could do a lot of human work, humans would no longer be needed because they need rest and need vacation and pay!

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Until a few years ago, robots could only do certain things. For example, holding a glass or wiping the floor as much as possible, but now they are also beginning to respond to human words. It is as if the substance of "thinking" has been born in them which is a great revolution.

This revolution has come about because the speed of computer processing has increased. Other sophisticated software has emerged that can mimic certain actions of the human mind. As a result of the combination of computers and software, the field of artificial intelligence is now developing rapidly.

The science of artificial intelligence is based on the idea that it is possible to replicate the human brain or mind, but this task is extremely difficult because the human brain is the most mysterious and strange thing on the planet. Despite the tremendous advances in science, many mysteries of the human brain have not been discovered, but it is also true that the ever-increasing speed of computer processing has made it possible for experts to create a "supercomputer" to subdue the human brain. That is why, in the coming days, revelations are being made about the neurons (brain cells) and other tiny organisms that run the system in the human brain.

Experts claim that in the next 50 years, humans will be able to replicate their own brains. In addition, in the near future, it may be possible to copy the whole brain of one of your loved ones, such as grandfather, father or mother, and place it in a robot. In that case, the grandfather or father may live forever in the form of this robot.

Robots equipped with artificial intelligence will certainly bring benefits to humanity, but many experts fear that in the future robots will be more intelligent and physically superior to humans and thus they can enslave the mankind. Just as man has become so powerful on the planet in the last two or three centuries that he has overcome bloodthirsty beasts like lions and elephants, so too one day robots can become independent. That's why Stephen Hawking said that robots should be built within certain limits so that they can never become independent.

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At the moment, experts in the Western world are worried about how to compete with robots and software that take jobs from humans. By 2025, millions of jobs in European countries will be occupied by robots or computer software with artificial intelligence. Western intellectuals are offering various suggestions and measures to prevent this attack.

There is a lot of work being done on artificial intelligence in China these days. Professor Kai Foley is at the forefront of this research, but he also feels risk of robots overpowering humans. To avoid this danger, he says, "mankind must develop the abilities and qualities that are unique to human beings." Humans have four abilities that robots do not yet have, namely: creativity, dexterity, empathy and complexity. To me, empathy is the most important ability that human beings have It can save you from the dangers that lie ahead. "

The age of robots is about to begin in the world. Sports have become more important to mankind than ever before in order to compete with this new sex. The reason is that sports instill in humans valuable mental and emotional traits that robots may never possess. These are the characteristics that will make a person more powerful in the future than robots.

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Hope so we got way to little people to do all the work. Would be a blessing if robots could do the job of millions preferably billions

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