A Microsoft and AT&T $2 billion deal

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Two biggest tech gaints Microsoft Corp and AT&T Inc on Wednesday said they reached a deal

In which the AT&T inc will utilize Microsoft's cloud service Azure for it computing need and office 365 for its 5G netwok applications which needs small delay in passing data back and forth

It is more than $ 2 billion multi-year deal, it is a good deal for both the companies as Macrosoft wanted to increase it Market cover as compared to its rival Amazon cloud Services as the AT&T gets perfect kind of technology for it 5G application development.

You may read further details here

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Thanks for the article. This was the first coverage that I saw about the AT&T/Microsoft deal. Between IBM and Microsoft, it looks like AT&T is working on big plans.

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Wow, its great to see that you are not just a bot collecting and posting from tags, you are a real curator.

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