A new Unprinting Method developed

in #technology4 years ago

We all know the papers that we use in our everyday life requires wood as one of its ingredient except for a small percentage of recycled paper.
Woking on different aspects to decrease the pollution is one thing but we all need to pay attention at decreasing the deforestation as plants are the only most efficient and economical machines that can process useless and redundent CO2 into O2

And one possible solution to this is Unprinting of papers, yes you read it correctly. Reserchers are now working at methods which can be use to unprint the papers so that it can be reused and printed again. One such method developed and led by team of researchers at Rutgers university of US.

This unprinting method which requies a simple equipment and minute amount of benign alcohol can be used to clean paper upto 5 times which reduces the need of completely recycling the paper after every print.

Some are also woking to integrate the system inbuilt in printers so that paper waste from homes and officies can be reduced termendiously.

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Hi, thanks for the post. It is an interesting concept, so I'm curious to see if they get it out of the lab.

I included a link to your post in my recent article, Science and technology micro-summaries for July 1, 2019, and set a beneficiary so that you'll receive 5% of that post's rewards when it closes.

I am glad that you found this post worth mentioning in your blog.
I too wish to see this project in real world application. ☺