Head of russian communication agency: we WILL block Facebook if they won't comply

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Following his crusade against Telegram in which steemit.com fell as a collateral damage head of Russian Commnication agency (Roscomnadzor) Zharov gave a large interview to government newspaper Izvestia.

Besides apology to his own actions against the constitution, freedom of speech and common sence, blaming Telegram and Pavel Durov for Roscomnadzor blocking of third-party websites he dropped a few words considering possible future block on Facebook.

Till the end of 2018 we will carry a check of the [Facebook] there are a few demands that must be satisfied: russian citizens' personal data localization on russian-based service, detetion of prohibited information and other law enforcing means. If facebook not complying, we will raise a question of blocks.
said Zharov.

On 16-17 of April 2018 Roscomnadzor blocked 6 millions of Amazon IPs which is roughly half of company's pool. They try to force Amazon and Google to deny Pavel Durov's messenger a hosting services as they did to Zello internet walkie-talkie service which was used by protesters to coordinate their actions.

Official letter from russian communication agency to a proxy service provider


Can they really block it? I have heard that steemit is harder to block so that is good.

It is sad that in this way we will soon come to Great Firewall of China.

Chinese internet infrastructure was originally build with great firewall.
I doubt any other contry in the world has the same logic.

But damn they regret it!

Meanwhile, my friends from China overcome the great Firewall of China blocking :)

best of luck.you always active for russian communications.helpful person you are.thanks.stay with me,please.@bronevik

I wonder what happens when fb start to hop from one major hosting to another.

Стимит заработал! Здравый смысл восторжествовал? 🙂

Let the Internet be banned, as in North Korea.