Follow Me On Twitter for A $1 Upvote

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My previous Twitter account with over 1k followers was suspended and I am yet to know the reason for that. It could be because I used to drop too many Crypto related tweets almost daily which is kind of against the Twitter rules. But that will not stop me from promoting Crypto and also my Music. 😄So I have created a new Twitter account and now have 29 Followers.

I will be rewarding any Hiver who follows me on Twitter and drops screenshot as proof in the comment section of this post. All you have to do is follow me via this link take a screenshot, drop it as a reply on this post or comment done with the screenshot. All entries will get a $1 upvote on their comment.






That's quite bad of Twitter. Well you've got my follow brother.

Yeah bro! That happens. Funny thing is most people that ban Crypto on their platforms are Crypto investors. Lol

Thanks for the follow bro.

Funny indeed. You're welcome Man



many thanks bro.

Sorry about your suspended twitter account
You've got my follow friend 😊

A million thanks buddy.

That's really bad of twitter to suspend your account and without a good reason. Nice page you have and I've followed.

Thanks a lot brother!

It is too easy to earn $ with you @citimillz

chrisaiki555 is expecting your first challenge dac

I have always supported Hivians because I get maximum support from them too. I will drop a Geo-challenge for you soon. Thank you!

sorry to hear about yr account being deleted😓Screenshot_20200810131150.jpg

was i too late since the post had expired when i responded?