P2P verification of climate projects using www.publicdomain.live

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Trees are CO2 eaters. Some scientists have calculated that we could solve the climate crisis by planting billions of trees.

Many nonprofits already collected money to plant trees.
In 2018, I started 2 million trees by 2020 to use Evergreencoin to plant trees with limited money transfer fees. This project did not encounter the expected success.

I am not the only one working to fight climate crisis.
Corcova.do , TreeSisters ; CoolEarth ; Rain Forest Foundation or Forest without borders have similar ambitions.

Many orphanages in Africa would be happy to have a source of incomes by planting trees.
How can we verify that these projects are real?

publicdomain is building links between data located on the Telos blockchain.
This tool created by Telos UK,the Telos validator team from Advanta Productions Limited, can be used to promote your business, make lists of your favorites or your genealogical tree. I have proposed to use the public domain to verify your identity:

More recently I am working on the use of climate bonds to back projects presented by members of the SEEDS community

This morning I woke up with the idea to verify climate projects in the public domain.
Verification of Climate projects is an important part of certification.
See https://www.climatebonds.net/ for more information.

Blockchain is well known to suppress the middle man. So There must be a way to put verification of climate projects on the blockchain.

I am suggesting to add information concerning the project in the blockchain:
Location, company assets, account name and pictures can be hashed and linked to the projects.
Investors in green projects can request more information if they want too.
Independent verifiers can also be listed in the public domain. If your project is located in an insecure zone of Cameroon, you would prefer a local verifier to go to visit the project rather than to take the plane to see by yourself.


Add your project to the list or become a verifier...you may receive some TLOS.