July 2022 Monthly Performance Report In Telos Foundation - Start Of Q3

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The first half of the Year 2022 in the Telos Network has been a mind-blowing part of the year. There have been tons of projects that emerged and also closed some super exciting partnerships that will ensure a wider market reach of Telos across the world.

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To know more of the Telos Foundation's 2nd Quarter report, check it here

The NFT Community thru the hackathon in Taikai for the MissionNFT project of the Marketing Department played a great role in the mind-blowing growth of the community as well.

The TF has worked hand-in-hand to achieve these goals and we are all thankful for it.

As a very active part representing the community and directly in contact with the TF, we are also proud of the contributions we've accomplished.

Let's check the stats we have achieved this month in the:
Facebook Group
As a start of the First half, we will not include the previous month as a comparison but completely start FRESH this July.


Period covered: June 28 to July 27, 2022

There have been 790 people who posted and commented in the Facebook Group.
30% less from the previous month of June.

Number of people who viewed the posts:
14,363 people viewed the posts we have shared.
Still a great start for the first half of the month.

At this moment, we do have 3,700 members who joined the community.

Period: From June 29 to July 27, 2022

There were a total of 421 posts shared this whole month mostly by the Telos Ambassadors.

There were 2,500 comments shared across those 421 posts. This means, the posts that we share is worth a great discussion to start with.

And there were 12,800 Reactions shared by the community members. All of those are likes and hearts.

Randomly selected summary of posts where you can check for the number of comments, reactions and views.

Most posts ranges from 200-300 views in average and the highest ones reaches around 1,000+ views which are only a few.

These numbers will definitely improve of course in the next two months.

Let's check Twitter:

I will share my Twitter Analytics first and will follow through the rest of the team.

Updated July 30, 2022 at the exact time of posting this report.

  • 211 Tweets: That is 7 Tweets per day for 30 days.
  • 59,100 Impressions. That is 280 impressions per tweet in average.
  • 27,300 Profile Visits which is understandable because I have gained 1,044 followers this month.
  • Almost 500x being mentioned. Either they replied to my tweets or they simply wanna include me in their tweets.

Tweet Highlights:


Lunarcrush Monthly Ranking - Top Influencers (Telos)
Last updated July 28, 2022


You can check this Tweet for more info.

Reddit stats

Most updated

Original results from my evaluation

Discord assignments
Intensive training for the sparrows as Junior Telos Eagles.

Promotion of Neo as RCM and the two new Senior Eagles now Wildmonk and Stefano.
Before the month ended, Neo again had another Facebook LIVE where he talked about Telos.

Next month's highlights: This August!

Introducing Telos Academy
Telos EVM 1.5 adoption / growth
Onboarding 1 new Telos Eagle Intern from the Sparrows.
Collaboration with Michael our PR for Reddit Tasks
Weekly BP highlights
MissionNFT Participants project highlights
MissionNFT Referral Bonus Distribution
Telos Ambassadors landing page (website)

This has been Fycee, bringing you this partial report to be edited this weekend too.


Nice one Fycee! Another month, another steps forward for Eagles, Sparrows and Ambassadors. Keep up the good work :))))